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Who can belong to Farm Bureau?

Anyone can belong to Farm Bureau.

It’s for Archuleta County residents concerned about Archuleta County and Colorado problems. By working together we can have a tremendous influence on the solutions to our problems. Farm Bureau comprises like-thinking people from the ranch, farm and town who would like to improve the lifestyle of our county, state and nation.

Colorado is an agricultural state no matter where you live or what you do. Colorado agricultural has a big impact on your life. Agriculture is ranked third in contribution to our state’s wealth. There are many jobs in Colorado connected to agriculture.

We believe we must be kept informed of developments that will affect our lives. Farm Bureau works hard to defend our free enterprise system, which we believe is very important to our American family. Farm Bureau will keep you informed of programs, activities and services available to all members. We have monthly publications that will help you stay informed of all the important legislative activities and organizational news. Voting members will receive information outlining the status of key pieces of legislation for Farm Bureau members.

Our local Farm Bureau will, from time to time, sponsor local programs and participate in local affairs, such as county fair, Fourth of July, farm/city week etc. We will publish news reports to help all members to understand the Farm Bureau commitment to the needs of Archuleta County and the state of Colorado.

As a member you are not required to attend the monthly meetings held on the second Thursday of every month; there is a county board that meets and takes care of the business. However, you are at all times welcome to attend the meetings. Your input would be very much appreciated. Farm Bureau is here to serve you; bring your concerns to the meeting. Members will be ask volunteer to help with the projects we undertake. There will be enough of us that no one should be overworked. It will be on a volunteer basis.

To learn more about the Farm Bureau Organization, we hope you will join us at 11 a.m. April 17 for our barbecue at the Extension Building. We have invited the 2010 candidates and our Colorado Farm Bureau president, Allen Foutz, to speak to you and answer your questions. Door prizes will be awarded at the barbecue.