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SHY RABBIT 3-PHOTOGRAPHERS exhibition features Linda Alterwitz

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts: Gallery, Studio and Workshops is pleased to kick off its long-awaited 2010 exhibition schedule with 3-PHOTOGRAPHERS, featuring works by Linda Alterwitz, Nevada; Gary Engle, Ohio; and Mark Gottlieb, California.

3-PHOTOGRAPHERS opens Saturday, April 24, with an artists’ reception from 5-8: p.m., and continues through May 31.

This highly-anticipated three-person show is free and open to the public.

From the nearly 300 images that were submitted to SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts for consideration in The Contemporary Photograph; A National Juried Exhibition, 2009, 75 were chosen from 33 artists and photographers.

At the conclusion of this exhibition, juror and professional artist D. Michael Coffee selected the artists for inclusion in a future three-person exhibition at SHY RABBIT.

3 PHOTOGRAPHERS is the culmination of this process, showcasing an expanded body of work by the three artists who were selected by Coffee, based on their non-conventional approach to the photographic process and/or their desire to create at the threshold.

The three artists selected for inclusion in 3-PHOTOGRAPHERS are: Linda Alterwitz, Multidimensional Compositions; Gary Engle, Emulsion Disorders; and Mark Gottlieb, Non-Objective Photography.

SHY RABBIT will profile one of these artists per week leading up to the show opening, providing additional insight into their individual philosophies and creative processes.

Through representational and abstracted composite imagery, Alterwitz takes us on a journey of time and place, weaving together familiar spaces with unconventional images.

Alterwitz earned a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1982, and a master of fine arts from the University of Denver in 1984, after which she spent 25 years working primarily in oils and acrylics, painting and drawing on large canvases to create nonrepresentational paintings.

Alterwitz is currently based in Las Vegas, where she works as a multi-media artist. She began exploring photography in 2006, and with a vision that is painterly in nature; she now digitally manipulates and layers together images to create large-scale photographs.

Her philosophy addresses the constant challenge to keep a balance between the two sides of the brain: the logical and the creative.

This duality is apparent throughout the body of her work, starting with her photographic equipment.

Alterwitz uses both digital cameras and toy cameras. The high-tech digital cameras produce clear, factual images that are believable and acceptable in our right-brained world.

In contrast, images shot on film by the low-tech, simple workings of plastic cameras capture a spontaneous, altered world.

The content of these photographs addresses the duality that exists between the complexities of the real world and a visually simplistically altered world.

Alterwitz creates this duality by blending contrasting imagery.

Technically, the layers are combined together in a way that best suits the final image. Some are blended through a digital process while others are physically layered using a transparent substrate.

Alterwitz’s inspiration, the inner workings of the human body and her external surrounding environment, plays with the dance of the two sides of the brain as well as the contradiction of fear and reassurance.

“Each of us has multiple layers in our lives … layers of emotion, choice, responsibility, or lack thereof. These layers make each person unique,” states Alterwitz.

“I constantly question what I know versus what I feel.

“By addressing this dichotomy in layers of photographic images, I visually balance both worlds through the viewfinder of my multiple lenses.

“Due to scale, subject matter, and choice of camera and lens, the abstract imagery often becomes unrecognizable”, Alterwitz continues.

“To further remove the image from any sort of recognition, I often paint over the emulsion of the photograph with solvents that move and remove ink on the surface of the photographs.

“In contrast, with the digital camera I capture images that are factual and believable in our right brained world.

“One is confronted with a ‘knowing versus feeling’ perception of reality,” Alterwitz concludes.

SHY RABBIT is pleased to announce that Linda Alterwitz and Mark Gottlieb will be in attendance at the opening reception on April 24, and will be available for those of you who would like to meet them and discuss their work.

In addition, Gary Engle will visit in late May toward the closing date of the exhibition and will give a talk on his work and unique photographic process at that time. Date and time to be announced.

The exhibition space and arts facility is currently open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday through Sunday, and daily by chance.

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts: Gallery, Studio and Workshops is located at 333 Bastille Drive, two blocks north of U.S. 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard.  The 4,000 square-foot arts facility houses a fine art gallery and ceramic studio, along with two mixed-media workshops and rotating exhibition spaces.

SHY RABBIT presents four to six exhibitions annually, showcasing the finest in contemporary art by emerging, mid-career and nationally-recognized artists from throughout the country.

SHY RABBIT’s 2010 exhibition schedule continues with: Paper & Clay 3, June 19–Aug. 8; SHY RABBIT Print National 2, Sept. 4-Oct. 31, Juror: Yuji Hiratsuka; and To Be Announced, Dec. 4-Jan. 16.

For more information on SHY RABBIT, please visit or call 731-2766.

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