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Letters to the Editor 4-1-10


Dear Editor:

This morning I learned that the Pagosa High School Graduation date has been changed from Saturday, May 22, to Sunday, May 23. I am in disbelief and angry that this kind of thing can happen only 58 days out from the original date. I

have never heard of anything so inconsiderate, thoughtless and irresponsible with total disrespect and disregard for the unity of the entire senior class, their families and friends. Announcements have been sent, travel and party plans made and work schedules adjusted so people could be in Pagosa Springs a few days before the Saturday graduation then leave on Sunday.

It sounds to me like the “power people” have an ulterior motive for this incredible change in events. Could it be that it is because a few seniors might be in contention for a possible state sports title on the same day? Could any of them possibly be related to any of the “power people?”

How about all the graduates, families and friends who are not involved in track or baseball? Do they not outnumber the athletes, or don’t they matter? What about all the airline tickets for Sunday?

What about those who are driving (some over a thousand miles) who have to be back to work on Monday? It sounds like the personal desire of a few overrode the good of the majority.

Not too smart and definitely not fair!

A proud grandparent of a senior,

P.J. Bruning


Dear Editor:

The Busted Spur Cattle Company would like to thank all of the sponsors, spectators, contestants, staff and volunteers. We could not have had such a successful rodeo without you. We have enjoyed the past four years of rodeo and we will be seeing you again in the future.

Our expenses were increased beyond our ability to pay without passing on another gate increase, which would have been unfair to all of our supporters.

Thank you. We hope you have a great summer.

Extra thanks to our sponsors: Wyndham Resort, McWhirter Enterprises, Boot Hill, Sherwin Williams, Pagosa Cowboy Ministries, AE Grether Land & Cattle, Emerald Ranch, Wolf Creek Outfitters, Bear Creek Saloon, The Springs, Lindner Ranches, Sundown Outfitters, The Spa @ Pagosa Springs, Silver Dollar Outfitting, Devorss Livestock, Wild Horse Casino- Dulce N.M., Pagosa Bar and Silver Dollar Liquor, Vern Leslie, Concrete Connection, Bank of the San Juans, Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy, Pro Line Supply, Big Bones Unlimited, Wapiti Outfitters, Scott Strategic Investment, Dorothy’s Restaurant, Ramon’s Restaurant, Devo Capital, Goodman’s Department Store,, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W Interior Metal, McDonald’s, Old Town Gifts and Conoco.


Cody J. and Shelley Fahrion

After-Prom Moms

Dear Editor:

Finally the meltdown has begun in earnest, the snow down-low is fading fast and it truly feels like spring. It’s the perfect time to drag out any stuff you don’t need or use anymore and donate said items to the upcoming community center annual rummage sale. In particular, the After-Prom Moms will be running a section of the sale in need of good items to benefit the annual post prom party. This party keeps hundreds of local teens off the streets after prom each year and offers them a fun time with opportunities to win some nice prizes. This year we have an iPod Touch, a GPS device for the car, a digital camera, Skull Candy headphones and more great prizes. The Board of Realtors has again given us a laptop computer for some lucky student too. We purchase many of our prizes locally and we have pizza and soft drinks as well as casino games and a different inflatable obstacle course every year. This year’s other games include “the wrecking ball,” and the popular arcade game Dance,Dance Revolution or “DDR.” It may take an entire day to recuperate after this party!

Please drop off any items Friday before the sale at the community center or call Teri Matzdorf to pick them up at 903-4652. Then come shop for goodies Saturday April 10. The After-Prom Moms will be selling food at concession stand too. Now there is also one more chance to help the After-Prom Moms help local youth. These volunteers will be the wait staff at the Education Center luncheon on Tuesday, April 13, and more parents of upperclassmen are needed to help. Please call any of the “A-P-Ms” to offer your help: Lynn Johnson 946-2728, Addi Greer 946-2578, Sue Meekins 731-9173. Thanks in advance and see ya’ there!

Addi Greer


Dear Editor:

It is my duty to correct some of the inaccuracies stated by Bill Hudson in his mayoral candidate interview in The Pagosa Springs SUN, published in the March 25 issue.

Mr. Hudson says, “I think our current mayor and town council have tried to do their work without input from our citizens, rather than involving us in the decisions that are being made.” Having served on our town council for two years now, I can say not only is this untrue, but it would be illegal. Colorado statutes and our town charter require that we notify the public of our meetings. Our meetings are held in an open format and the public is welcome. On the occasion that we do go into executive session, Colorado statutes govern those sessions.

Public comment is taken prior to voting on issues that come before our board. It is interesting that Mr. Hudson would make this statement in light of the fact that he frequently participates in the public comment portion of our meetings.

The town has several advisory boards — planning commission, parks and rec commission, historic preservation board — that are composed of citizens from our community. And, having worked on the town’s comprehensive plan and wayfinding and signage plans among others, I can say that many citizens from the town and county participated on these committees and their voices were heard.

Mr. Hudson also says, “We basically have a turf war going on between various government entities’ lack of cooperation and lack of communication.” The primary governmental entities at work in Archuleta County are the county commission and the town council. These two boards are meeting together on a regular basis to work on projects and subjects that affect our community. The county commission and town council strive to work alongside other community boards and districts for the betterment of all. A recent example is the attendance of these boards at a special meeting called by the school district, and cooperation with the school district in searching for creative solutions to fund education for our local children.

Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.

Shari Pierce

Councilman, Town of Pagosa Springs


Dear Editor:

Let’s blow Hudson’s “box” to smithereens. Let’s say no to Mr. Big Box. Let’s run the redhead back to Texas. Let’s shake the Nimbys to their toes. That’s right, let’s build a prison, not supermax, but one of those country club pens. Given the state of government, it won’t take long to fill. Prosperity is right around the corner.

Or, we could pen more restaurants and T-shirt shops.

Thank you,

Clarence Riley

Big Box

Dear Editor:

I’ve been deeply involved in the big-box debate ever since its most recent reincarnation last fall. And as your readers perhaps all-too-well know by now, I definitely believe the town should keep its current regulations and retain the ability to decide for itself which large retail stores set up shop in Pagosa Springs.

After many conversations on the topic with fellow Pagosans, I’ve learned that most share an even larger concern than the fate of big-box stores. As many people have explained to me, Pagosa Springs’ greatest problem is that it refuses to pick a course for economic growth and stick with it. Instead, the town heads off in whatever direction the prevailing wind blows, until that wind changes paths and pushes us off somewhere else. As a result, the town’s sputtering economy moves all over the place without ever getting anywhere. Although no one believes our current economic woes are the direct result of the town’s fiscal schizophrenia, most will tell you the affliction certainly hasn’t helped.

I’ve come to realize that the big-box debate and the criticism about our town’s lack of vision are not unrelated issues. In fact, they’re as intertwined as the branches on a hillbilly’s family tree. What solidified this conclusion for me was something Councilman Darrel Cotton said in last week’s article entitled, “Town Voters Will Decide Big Box Regs”. In the piece, Councilman Cotton stated, “I’m not a proponent of Wal-Mart, per se, but I am an opponent of putting regulations on business — I think it’s anti-business.”

Wasn’t the Councilman a member of the community task force that advised the town to adopt regulations governing the development of big-box stores in the first place? Wasn’t he a member of the town council that hired planning experts to advise them on the adoption of big-box regulations? And wasn’t he a member of the same town council that adopted the very regulations he now wants to repeal?

Undoubtedly, some big-box chain stores could be very beneficial to Pagosa Springs. Equally true is the fact that other stores would certainly overwhelm our small-town economy. The regulations provide us with the best tool we have to sort the good from the bad. Our town is only big enough to host one, maybe two, big-box stores. Isn’t repealing the regulations and throwing open our doors to whoever knocks first, as Councilman Cotton proposes, just another example of us blindly heading down another economic path without any map to guide us?


Matthew H. Roane


Dear Editor:

What irony!

We have been informed by the media that at least 10 members of congress have been recent recipients of obscene phone calls and even threats of violent reprisals as a result of their voting to pass the Obamacare bill, a bill which 55 percent of the general populace want repealed. Some of these recipients (including one from Colorado), reportedly claim to fear for their life and have asked for police protection. While it may be true that this legislation is not justification for threatening someone’s life, throwing rocks through their windows or subjecting them to obscene phone calls, it does demonstrate a very real and growing frustration with elected officials who are supposed to represent their constituents, but do not.

What this legislation has shown is that we have a democrat-controlled congress led by a committed socialist president which has no respect for anyone’s opinion other than their own. They are not only disrespectful of people who do not agree with them, including even the constituents who put them in office, but they have shown they are willing to do anything necessary to advance their agendas. They freely offer bribes for votes as in the case of Nebraska, Louisiana, Tennessee and undoubtedly other instances we have not yet learned of, and they bring unbearable pressure on reluctant party members to conform to the party line. They bury costly and often frivolous amendments in legislation designed to fund parochial and self-interest projects in order to ingratiate themselves with their constituents (and perhaps to mollify their constituents for not supporting their real best interests). But, then, if anyone ha the temerity to complain or resort to threats as they are now doing, these same congressmen get panicky and ask for police protection. What irony!

This vote on ObamaCare was a make-or-break moment for the Obama administration. Having brought to bear every possible pressure and inducement thinkable, our health care is now slated to be controlled by government bureaucrats and we as individual citizens will have little or no control over the care and its cost. Do not swallow the Obama propaganda that health care will improve or that the cost will go down. All we have to do is look tour neighbor to the north or to European socialist governments and compare their health care to ours in terms of quality or cost. This is bad enough, but it is only the beginning. Now that the health care bill is being forced upon us, the socialists will set their sights on the financial system, immigration, cap and trade and whatever else they can take over, whether we like it or not. Our opinions simply don’t count anymore and they don’t know the meaning of compromise.

There is only one solution to this morass: All republicans, conservatives, independents, libertarians, tea-partiers and even the democrats who were against the health care legislation can forge an alliance between now and November. We can then get rid of those responsible and repeal this bill and those to follow before it is too late.

Gary Stansbury

Healthy America

Dear Editor:

As goes the health of the people … so goes the health of a nation. Thanks to those who have shown the moral courage to meet this challenge for our nation and its people.

No matter how much or how little one has, all is insignificant without good health. As individual citizens, let’s go arm in arm with our government and grow the health of our nation.

Our elderly are mandated to purchase health care insurance through the Medicare program, so why not everyone else? The financially blessed owe much of their comfortable lifestyle to the hard work of others who cannot afford the same for themselves. Thus, I truly believe the bit of additional taxes needed to extend healthcare to all will not affect their lifestyle and, in most cases, they will not complain — after all, they, too, desire a strong, healthy America.

Patty Tillerson


Dear Editor:

To answer Mr. Dungan again, who has “little desire to debate” me but does anyway (SUN 3/25/10), I affirm that my sole purpose in writing on various topics is to counter falsehood with truth. Concerning global warming, I have no political interest or scientific expertise and express no opinions (defined as statements made, absent truth or facts). Therefore, I quoted directly world-renowned expert scientists who do write the truth ad publish the facts. Scientists’ references to temperature, Mr. Dungan, had nothing to do with earth temperature, but with global atmosphere temperature. I challenge Mr. Dungan to document his scientific expertise, which qualifies him to judge these experts’ data as ludicrous and incredulous. Is there a reason he does not challenge the cataclysmic numbers proposed by global warming claimants?

My only reference to a politician was to Senator Inhofe, not for political reasons, but because he touted the 700 world-famous scientists who are trying to wrest their global warming ideologue colleagues back to the truth. MIT Cambridge meteorologist Richard S. Lindzen passionately calls it: “maintaining the integrity of the science that is being used.” Some time ago, all 700 scientists signed and published a paper on the truth about global warming which was ignored by the ideologues that have their minds made up and are not open to the truth.

Here’s a quote from a politician, Al Gore, the democratic global warming guru, who, in a New York Times Op-Ed piece, admitted: “It is true that the climate panel published a flawed overestimate of the melting rate of debris-covered glaciers … and used information about the Netherlands … which was partly inaccurate” and”“e-mail messages stolen from the University of East Anglia showed that scientists … may not have adequately followed the British freedom of information law.”

Now, would Mr. Dungan please be so kind as to clarify his unexplained three linkages, which I do not understand:

1. Evolution and global warming link to discredit mainstream science. What is the connection? The 700 renowned international scientists are in the mainstream. The few global warming ideologues are the out-of-stream scientists.

2. The Republicans’ goal is to destroy our public school system. The public school system is more likely self-destructing due to liberal ideology. I cite as one example the dismally failed Philadelphia public school system, which had to be rescued by privatization.

3. Anti science republicans — state religion — Karl Marx. Wow! State religion is banned by the Constitution. Republicans are the antithesis of Marxists. Obama appointed Community Green Czar Van Jones and the Marxist Communication Czar Mao aficionado Anita Dunn. Both resigned as a result of intense republican and popular pressure.

Incidentally, Rasmussen and several other recent polls report national approval ratings: Reid — 8 percent; Pelosi — 11 percent; Congress — 14 percent; Obama — 40 percent. Also, 68 percent believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, 78 percent of democrats and republicans say they will vote against incumbents in November, and 69 percent say they will continue the fight against Obamacare.

Eugene Witkowski