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Soccer team ends week with 9-0 victory

Heading into the week with a 2-1 record, the Pirates stumbled slightly in Cortez last Friday against the Telluride Miners, taking a 4-0 loss, but regained their footing on Tuesday with a 9-0 victory over the Bobcats in Ignacio.

According to coach Lindsey Kurt-Mason, Nicoll Hunt was a constant threat in the box, making some very good diagonal runs. Despite several excellent shots on goal, those attempts unfortunately came up short as near-misses.

“We just couldn’t get our offensive shape together,” Kurt-Mason said.

Despite some spectacular saves by goalie Alyssa Laydon (logging 21 for the game), one on a place-kick, the Miners managed to get on past Laydon in the first half and three more in the second half, handing the Pirates a 4-0 defeat.

Despite some frustration with offensive play, Kurt-Mason had good things to say about Hunt, as well as saying, “Angie Gallegos stepped into Kassidy’s (Smith, who had a sprained ankle) shoes as a stopper and played with tenacity.”

With an inability to find their offensive shape in Cortez, the Pirates managed to put it together in Tuesday’s game against the Bobcats in Ignacio.

“They came into a place where they understood the formation,” Kurt-Mason said.

Although it took awhile for the Pirates to find that formation in the first half, Pagosa finally found the net as Hunt scored a goal 20 minutes into the half. Six minutes later, Sydney Smith scored from an assist from Megan Davies, while Hunt scored again three minutes later off an assist from Natalie Erickson. Four minutes later, Hunt offered an assist to Megan Davey, and the Smith sisters finished up the half when Sydney capitalized on an assist from Kassidy.

Erika Pitcher led the Pirates off in the second half with a solo goal at the 60-minute mark, followed by a score by Erickson just two minutes later off an assist by Kassidy Smith. Sydney Smith scored on an assist from Erickson 69 minutes in, completing her hat trick, while Hunt completed the second Pirate hat trick at the 75 minute mark, finishing on an assist from Natasha Medici.

The Pirates’ defensive play was also much improved in Ignacio as the only save of the game was logged by Gallegos, an indication that the Bobcats had a tremendous amount of trouble getting close to Pagosa’s goal.

Proud of his team’s big victory, Kurt-Mason said, “In the second half they just came alive, they played a good passing game.”

“It wasn’t so much a 9-0 victory,” he added. “The important thing was how they came into their own.”

The Pirates will have over two weeks off for spring break, travelling to Center on Saturday, April 10, to challenge the Vikings.