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Taxes, ballot issues topics at community meeting

The Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners will hold the first of three 2010 community meetings at 6 p.m., Tuesday, March 30, in the North Conference room of the Ross Aragon Community Center.

At the meeting, the BoCC will look to hear from constituents on a number of topics and ballot issues related to the upcoming November election:

• A possible mill levy or sales tax increase for Archuleta County School District 50 Joint.

• A possible mill levy or sales tax increase for the Archuleta County Education Center.

• A possible mill levy or sales tax increase for county roads.

County staff will also explain facts on Amendments 60 (dealing with property taxes) and 61 (dealing with state and local debt limitations) and Proposition 101 (dealing with motor vehicle, income and telecommunications taxes), which will appear on the Colorado ballot.

Commissioner John Ranson explained that, while discussions have been taking place throughout the community with involved entities, the information should be taken to the public and their thoughts solicited.

“The main thing is, we want to get public input to see what public feelings are, because it’s our responsibility to put these things on the ballot,” Commissioner Bob Moomaw said.

Moomaw understands that taxes, while necessary, may not be the most pleasant topic of conversation. “We’re very much aware that the economy is hurting and to talk about tax increases isn’t an ideal situation,” he said.

“To me, it’s a good time to listen to the people and see if what we’re thinking is the mood of the general public,” said Ranson, adding, “We need to make good decisions fiscally at all of our entities.”

During months with five Tuesdays, the BoCC will hold community meetings at other locations in the county. The June 29 meeting will be held in Chromo and the Aug. 31 meeting will be held in Arboles. Meetings are open to all county residents.

It should also be noted that the meetings are separate from the planning department’s series of “Road Show” meetings.