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Road rage leads to arrest

An incident of road rage Tuesday afternoon resulted in charges of felony menacing and criminal mischief being filed against Justin Tytell, 20, a resident of Pagosa Springs.

At about 12:40, Archuleta County Combined Dispatch got a call from a local resident, reporting that somebody had gotten out of their vehicle in traffic and threatened him and hit his vehicle with a gun on U.S. 160 in front of The River Center on the east end of town, said Det. Scott Maxwell of the Pagosa Springs Police Department.

The reporting party made the call from a business on U.S. 84 and told dispatch that, following the incident, the suspect headed east.

Sheriff’s deputies located the vehicle, a white Toyota sedan, about 20 minutes later in the Vista subdivision at an address on Canyon Circle, Maxwell explained.

Law enforcement then contacted the driver of the sedan, Tytell, who admitted to pulling the gun and was found in possession of a .45 caliber semiautomatic handgun, Maxwell continued.

“The suspect (Tytell) alleged that the incident began when the other gentleman pulled out in front of him, cutting him off, then escalated from there, to where the suspect did admit to pulling the gun out and accosting the other gentleman on the highway,” Maxwell said.

According to Maxwell, Tytell said the incident began on South 8th Street and involved tailgating, exchanged gestures and a minor collision, which took place in front of The River Center.

The reporting party stated that no collision took place, though he could have “tapped” Tytell’s car when Tytell braked suddenly, Maxwell said, adding that there was some fresh damage on the back of Tytell’s car.

The reporting party will not face charges in the incident.

“By the account of the suspect and the account of a witness, (the reporting party) remained in his vehicle and nonconfrontational,” locking the vehicle as Tytell hit it with a gun and yelled obscenities at him, Maxwell said.