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Democrats to hold county assembly

Members of the Archuleta County Democratic Party held precinct caucuses March 16.

A straw vote was taken at the caucuses and delegates to the county assembly were selected.

The straw vote concerning Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate involved 64 voters. In the poll, 45 caucusgoers selected Andrew Romanoff, 16 picked Michael Bennet and three were uncommitted.

Delegates selected for the county assembly included:

Precinct 1: Sandy Caves, Kent Davis, Becky Herman, Kathy Keyes, Mamie Lynch, Eloise Peters, John Porco and Jean Smith.

Precinct 2: John Egan, Rex Shurtleff and Cate Smock.

Precinct 3: Lesli Allison, Ben Douglas, Emily Franklin, Bob Nash and John Thompson; Alternates: Ginny Douglas, Sylvia Goosens and Anna Jester.

Precinct 4: Jane Amundson, Randy Fox, Becky Gillette and Penny Holmes.

Precinct 5: Christa Laos.

Precinct 6: Hank Buslepp, Norma Buslepp, David Butcher, Sandi Butcher, Rich Goebel, Leanne Haase-Goebel, Ralph Hershey, Sammy Martinez, Merilyn Moorhead, Johnny Pickett, Terry Pickett, Nan Rowe and James Walton.

Precinct 7: Paul Carpino, Janice Davis and Jerry Woods.

Precinct 8: Dottie George, Barb Jetley and Claudia Smith.

The party’s county assembly will be held at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, April 10, at Community United Methodist Church in Pagosa Springs.