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You are invited to join the Men’s Circle

“If we deny our ugliness, we lessen our beauty. If we deny our fear, we minimize our courage. If we deny our greed, we reduce our generosity. Our work as men is about owning our shadows in order to bring forth our light. We do this primarily by accepting personal responsibility for our choices, connecting in our own way to the mystery at the core, opening our hearts to healing energies around us and by living a sacred mission of service through action in the world. Our full potential is more than most of us can ever imagine.” — Les Sinclair, after Bill Kauth.

Are you able to answer these questions:

• Why am I?

• Who am I?

• Where am I going?

Are you interested in becoming more congruent in your thoughts, words and actions?

Interested in becoming a more authentic man, i.e. becoming fully awake to make more conscious choices and to own your bad habits, and vulnerability?

Are you interested in learning more about your shadows; those things you hide, repress and deny that cause you to act out in ways you regret?

If any of this interests you, then consider joining a group of men who will examine these and other issues while we sit in “sacred space” and examine our sacred masculine.

This Men’s Circle is secular (not religion-based) while we do utilize ritual to create sacred space. All spiritual beliefs are welcome.

For more information contact John Gwin,, 731-9666.