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Letters to Editor

Out on a limb

Dear Editor:

Let’s really go out on a limb. But first, Plato: “The states are as the men are. They grow out of human characters.”

We are going to win the war in Afghanistan and withdraw fairly close to the current timelines. The remaining major factors aren’t military in nature but dependent on American bureaucracy, Afghanistan’s cultural/tribal corruption and (believe it) literacy. The one factor that has driven the war on is Pakistan’s founding/support and sheltering of the Taliban; which has seemingly come to a (yet-to-be-payed-for) sliding halt.

First, wars are fought for survival and economic reasons! Let’s start with Central Asia — water and related energy, not a lot of it in the area and the rivers have to be shared with India. Pakistan is almost totally an agricultural country. No water, you get a barren country and ruined economy.

Pakistan’s “realization” that India is rapidly building dam projects (40) for energy; will dramatically impact on the downstream water supply. Combine that with China’s rapid development of deep water ports in this crescent of countries, as well as a generational shift in their army, and you have awareness that Pakistan’s blocking/diversionary war in Afghanistan and Kashmir is a dead-end for their future.

Included within China’s major port projects in the surrounding central and eastern Asia countries is a port in Pakistan; but Pakistan needs to be able to ship something, hopefully goods/produce. China sees the area’s future as an investment pattern replacing military occupancy of control, development and labor pools with no room for Pakistan’s regional wars. Look for the U.S. to fund retirement packages (call it foreign aid) for Pakistan’s older Army generals to keep them being “realistic.” That’s just how it works there.

Next our latest tactic of clear-hold-build rings loud and clear with the Afghan villagers and is portrayed on all the Mideast media channels including al Jazeera — yes, they watch TV (probably not Fox).

The Democrats are actually ending the war in Iraq (honorably) and winning in Afghanistan. What our “negative nabobs” don’t know is the nihilistic murderous acts of Muslim terrorists have turned the tide against themselves all over the Muslim countries, big time. Al Qaeda’s time is ending. Too bad for the current national Republican politicians, as they’re losing a major fear tactic with which to deny Americans their freedom.

What to do with these war funds: maybe start new industries, provide a public healthcare option (for those who care, this will save some 45,000 American lives a year) and avoid really bad long term taxes.Whatever your political persuasion, if you have any interest in the future of America, get on this boat. Further, if I’m right about the war, do whatever it takes to redirect the “savings” into new industrial programs (maybe in Pagosa Springs). I’m also guessing that China wants to preserve America as a buyer of their exports; thus indirectly pressuring Pakistan to end the war helps the U.S. economy. To begin to understand Chinese diplomacy, learn their game called Go.

Got a great idea: let’s reduce our corporations’ federal taxes in exchange for all U.S. corporations closing their foreign tax dodge HQ’s abroad, coming home and practicing a slightly reduced Darwinian capitalism by investing here.

Dave Blake

Road Show 1

Dear Editor:

I think The Aspen Springs meeting went great. I could not hear for the first 45 minutes (I will be listening to the tape); it was a packed crowd and I gave my spot to residents. The people of Aspen Springs asked intelligent questions and expressed legitimate concerns regarding their land use rights. The most important thing I learned from the Aspen Springs area is most people who purchased before the 2006 Land Use Codes bought with the understanding that they had no restrictions whatsoever. This was a lot of the same story at the Arboles road meeting. Another objection at both meetings was not being able to construct anything on any vacant property until the main residence is built. No accessory structures, greenhouses, sheds, animal-feed protection, barns, carports or garages (with or without apartment). This is a current 2006 regulation.

People who live under a subdivision with current covenants and restrictions need not worry, you probably have stricter rules than the current county land use regulations. But, those of us who live in what I call renegade areas, with none or non-current covenants and restrictions should be educated, concerned and involved. The county can tell you what your land use is and will be. People who have agricultural status have no worries you have no restrictions on your property.

I would like to respond to Randi Pierce’s article in the SUN, “County Road Show rolls to Aspen Springs,” where she stated, “Adding confusion to the event” a group of county citizens handed out a packet of information as residents filtered into the meeting. She also states, “The packet also included existing regulations, creating confusion for some as to which regulations are currently in effect.” First an apology to anyone that felt our literature created confusion. The objective is to educate the residents so they can decide. On the cover sheet we disclosed who put the package together and how to read the package and its contents. We believe residents need to know that they are living under existing land use regulations since 2006, and to know what the county was thinking with those “dead” proposed amendments I looked up the minutes from the special meeting in November and it stated the proposed amendments were tabled. I am not sure what the difference is between the legal terms for tabled and dead is. Tabled means it can come back? In retrospect, I wish we could have handed the document out before the meeting so people would have time to review, try in Chromo. We apologize for the grammar, spelling errors, and most importantly our e-mail address was incorrect the correct address is Ms. Pierce, thank you attending and reporting on this meeting. Will the paper report on what happened at the Arboles meeting? We also would like to extend an invitation to meet with you anytime to answer any questions.

Hopefully I have not misstated any facts. On to Chromo!

Debra Brown


Dear Editor:

Politicians and TV pundits radiate nonsense about global warming. This nonsense finds its way into the letters to The SUN.

The best evidence for the relationship between carbon dioxide and global temperature comes from the three kilometers of ice cores taken from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The best evidence that global warming is taking place now comes from the melting of the glaciers and the Arctic and Greenland ice sheets.

Like tree rings, which can date atmospheric history back about 12,000 years, the strata in the ice cores can date the atmospheric history back 800,000 years. Water containing oxygen-18 is heavier than water containing oxygen-16 and, hence, it takes a higher temperature to evaporate from the surface of the ocean. The ratio of oxygen-16 to oxygen-18 in each ice layer provides a measurement of atmospheric temperature at the time the layer was laid down. (Oxygen-16 contains eight protons and eight neutrons; oxygen-18 contains eight protons, 10 neutrons. Both isotopes are stable.) The air trapped in the bubble of each layer is analyzed for the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Data over the past 500,000 years are consistent with the earth’s orbital cycles and known ice ages and warm periods. There is a tight correlation between carbon dioxide concentration and atmospheric temperature over hundreds of millennia. If natural greenhouse gases were not present in the atmosphere, the earth would be nothing but a snowball floating in space. The records over the past 10,000 years show an enormous increase in greenhouse gases since 1800.

For readers of the National Geographic and viewers of NOVA, the spectacular pictures of the shrinkage of the Arctic and Greenland ice caps and the melting of glaciers should even be comprehensible to brain-dead politicians. The National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder is an excellent source of information.

The melting ice already has serious geopolitical consequences. The Chinese will soon be drilling for oil in the Arctic, and South American countries that lie on the Pacific side of the Andes will have no fresh water.

Young folks who can afford health insurance may be around long enough to view the earth when the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is about the same as the concentration of Bronco players at a future Super Bowl, about 50 in 100,000. I have my doubts about the Broncos in a future Super Bowl, but I am certain the carbon dioxide molecules will show up and perform magnificently and warm the earth significantly.

Robert H. Dungan


Good luck

Dear Editor:

Congratulations are in order for the Pagosa Springs girls’ basketball team as they head to the state tournament this weekend. Coach Lewis has done an outstanding job with his girls this year and we feel that they will represent the Intermountain League well. Good luck.

Dave Forster

Centauri High School


Dear Editor:

I’m writing to you in the hopes that this letter reaches the eyes and/or ears of someone who knows information about the accident just southwest of Pagosa Springs on U.S. 160 late this past Wednesday, March 3. My son, Mike Kelly, was a passenger in a white Toyota pickup driven by a fellow student from Fort Lewis college in Durango. The two young men were returning from a rally at the state capitol building in Denver, regarding higher education funding. Both boys are on the student senate at Fort Lewis. Mike is also on several other committees, as well as on the lacrosse team. The truck hit an elk, and during the time the boys were trying to find a wrecker, someone broke in and stole Mike’s backpack out of the truck. The same party also took the meat from the elk.

We are offering a reward for the backpack, which contained not only Mike’s laptop, but his school books, notebooks, sunglasses and miscellaneous personal items. The laptop contained his two midterm papers as well as tons of notes from the past year and a half in senate. No one will be able to use the laptop without Mike’s password information. The school bookstore is on alert and will not buy back these books. Mike’s work is irreplaceable, to say nothing of the headache he is facing in trying to reproduce all of the work he did for midterms. Please, if you know anything about this, please e-mail me at You can also call me at (719) 640-2395. Please, have some sense of what is right and get this material back to Mike. Thank you.

Sally Kelly

Colorado Springs


Dear Editor:

I enjoyed your editorial last week about moderation. And, well, I think I am a moderate (don’t laugh). For example, I am willing to pay more taxes so we all have universal healthcare because some of our citizens are suffering. (Plus, I believe that Public Option is a “gateway drug” to alternative medicine because I believe alternative medicine is cheaper in the long term.) But, I also believe in the Republican stance of less government. Government should not be passing laws regulating specific choices on individuals (which is why I don’t understand some current Republican legislators). So, I think the best way to moderation is communication. So, I am holding a Democratic caucus on March 16 at the Aspen Springs Metro building. If you are a registered Democrat you may vote. If you are not, you can still show up and tell me about the issues that concern you, and I will make note of it on the platform sheets that go back to the head of the state party.

Christa Laos


Dear Editor:

On March 7, 2010, the Habitat for Humanity of Archuleta County hosted the Harlem Ambassadors professional show basketball team for a night of high-flying slam dunks, hilarious comedy, and feel-good family entertainment.

The Harlem Ambassadors would like to extend a special thank you to event organizers Cindi Galabota and Sharon Crump who planned and promoted the game. The Habitat Hammers proved to be an energetic and enthusiastic challenging team and we thank all of the players for their good sportsmanship. The event would not have been possible without the support and generosity of local community sponsors, the Habitat for Humanity of Archuleta County members, and the event volunteers.

The Harlem Ambassadors thank the community of Pagosa Springs for its warm hospitality and look forward to returning to Pagosa Springs in the future!

Best regards,

Dale Moss

President, Harlem Ambassadors

Fort Collins


Dear Editor:

I am writing to applaud President Obama on his first year in office. Specifically, I would like to commend his efforts on health insurance reform. He has a bold and thoughtful plan, the details of which can be seen on the Web site: There have been many lies perpetuated by those opposed to the plan. The absurd claims of “death panels,” socialism and a big government takeover of health care are blatant lies in an effort to manipulate public opinion. The Republican partisans want nothing more than to see President Obama fail, to better their chances for reelection. The insurance companies who continue to fleece Americans by raising premiums and denying claims have spent millions lobbying politicians to oppose the plan and ensure their continued profit margin. The fear mongering has been rampant from the right wing. Who in their right mind would be opposed to accessible, affordable, quality health care of the citizens of this, the wealthiest nation in the world? Speaking of wealth, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the plan is also fiscally responsible and will help to reduce the growing deficit. The health insurance reform plan is endorsed by the American Medical Association and the AARP. This is not welfare, nor is it free health care. How can the Republicans in Congress who continue to claim the moral high ground take the side of big insurance companies over hard working people while American citizens continue to die at their hands? Pro life? What hypocrisy!

I am an independent voter and have not been thrilled with the Democrats in Congress, either. They need to get a backbone and show that they are capable of governing. President Obama has shown intellectual curiosity in his role and proven that he has the mettle to be commander in chief. What a refreshing change to the Bush years to have an intelligent and thoughtful president who represents more than big oil, big business and the wealthiest among us.


Rob Pilewski

The Machine

Dear Editor:

There is no real need for the liberals in these columns to “muse.” The only requirement is to open eyes and engage brain.

Some tidings for the liberal Tea Party haters: “We the People” are not stupid. Tea Party folks are simply fed up with an arrogant and oppressive federal government. They are not going to sit back and let Progressives steal their country. They are sending a message in no uncertain terms, that if they want their pound of flesh, they are going to have ta come and get it … and if they do, it’s going ta cost them a whole lot more than a pound of theirs.

The people have made it plain they want no part of the Obonehead Administrations radical transformation of the country. This is not what they voted for. Barack Obama — marketed as a young, idealistic, charismatic president — has destroyed the nation’s fiscal standing for generations. He’s destroyed our reputation around the world. He’s a wrecking ball wherever he goes. He seeks to destroy the health industry and the energy industry and the private sector generally — and he does not care if he has to destroy others in his own party to do it. This is all about himself and his power and his narcissism. If there is an economic recovery any time soon, it will be the result of private sector initiatives and a consumer confidence recovery, not the redistribution of a few trillion dollars among friends as directed by the “community organizer” in the White House.

Obama is a false prophet. He is a radical dressed up as a historic figure, but there’s nothing new about Oblabla or what he’s doing. It’s as old as man. Obama is a con artist from word one. There’s nothing unique about Obumbler. What is new is that he’s been able to do so much damage in such a short period of time. He and his cohorts are standing democracy on its head each and every day.

But we all see it. This is not being done in the shadows, or in secret. It is being done in the open, in total arrogance, and Americans are no longer being fooled. They know. And because they know, the people of this country will be heard, despite the Democratic Party efforts to assassinate their characters. This, too, is dawning on more and more people: the Democrat Party is smearing average Americans, citizens who simply desire liberty and oppose socialism.

Which is why everyone understood what Scott Brown, Republican from Wrentham, Mass., meant when he said he was running against “The Machine.” Every listener knew the word he was leaving out: Democrat. Scott Brown ran against the ugly, smearing, hatred-spewing, freedom-killing Democrat Machine, which thousands and thousands of voters have come to loathe.

And he broke it.

He broke The Machine with three simple words: “the people’s seat.”

Just as Massachusetts’ citizens reclaimed the people’s seat, the entire nation will shake Washington back to its foundations by reclaiming another three priceless words: “We The People.”

Jim Sawicki

Road Show 2

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor, I attended the County Road Show in Aspen Springs two weeks ago and would like to thank all those who helped make this happen. I think gathering information and sharing our concerns is a big step in this county. I would also like to respond to the opinion that the information packets handed out by the group “Concerned Citizens of Archuleta County” was confusing. I found it very useful and the document was labeled as to proposed and existing regulations, so that people were made aware of regulations that were indeed on the books that most have never heard about. My only suggestion would be that people would get them some time before the meeting so as to have time to review and jot down questions and concerns. I have shared this document with others and no one has mentioned the word ”confusing” but more like “enlightening.” Thanks again for the road show and that group of concerned citizens that are keeping the public aware and informed of what is going on in “our” county. Only with facts we can work towards informed choices and help our elected representatives make our county livable for all. Keep up the great attendance folks.


Lily Tarbet


Dear Editor:

To answer Mr. John W. Porco’s question (SUN 3/4/10), my sources of information are television news, issue-oriented publications and various national Internet e-mail news services (information not provided elsewhere). For example, Brian Burch of Catholic Vote documents a George Soros $200,000 grant to a “Catholic” pro-abortion organization, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, like Obama’s grants of tax money to overseas abortion organizations.

Porco doesn’t name his source of an article “about” Glenn Beck in which Beck “accepts” global warming as true. The truth is found in Beck’s book, Arguing with Idiots. Beck calls the NHTSA’s and the U.N.’s intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change claims that new car emission standards would shave one part per million from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, or maybe 970 ppm, “doomsday scenario” and “scientific jargon” (p. 106). Beck claims that the truth is that the “regulations would result in a temperature decrease of .0072 degrees Fahrenheit, 1/1,600th of the doomsday level equal to 1/45th of the margin of error of the past century’s temperature change.” The impact on alleged sea level rise, Beck says, would be .04 centimeters, 1/15,240th of Gore’s dire warning. So, Beck debunks, not supports, claims by global warming proponents. Beck’s Citation Section (p. 310), documents several international sources of evidence.

Furthermore, besides criticizing Gore (p. 145), who eats meat despite the U.N.’s report that “eating meat is worse for the climate than the entire transportation sector,” Beck rebukes other ideologues’ claims of opposing global warming while contributing to it. Examples are Laurie David (p. 100), producer of Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, who flies private jets and was cited for building a 26-foot-long barbecue pit in an environmentally sensitive area, and John Travolta (p. 97) who uses five private jets producing 800 tons of carbon emissions a year.

However, the worst ideologue is Obama who in his State of the Union address, admitted that “incontrovertible” science may be on shaky ground, but that we should still provide for energy efficiency and clean energy as the right thing. So despite admitting global warming may not be factual, he still wants to spend billions of our tax money for Cap and Trade.

Much scientific proof against global warming is documented in a major article entitled The Great Cool Down in the March 2010 issue of Newsmax. One item is a graph (p. 51) produced by the International Climate and Environmental Change Association Project. It shows that between 1998 and 2008, CO2 emissions increased from .1 ppm to .8 ppm, while temperatures decreased from .6 Celsius to .2 Celsius. Does CO2 cause cooling, not warming? “The bad news is that cold conditions kill more people than warm conditions” (p. 54). The article concludes that the public backlash against global warming ideologues is due to “disgust with the mainstream news media’s unquestioning of warming propaganda” (p. 59).

Incidentally, Obama’s approval rating (Rasmussen) is now 46 percent, and that of Congress is 14 percent, with 82 percent of the population being “fed up.”

Eugene Witkowski