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SHY RABBIT ArtistsNet 2.0, cooperative support network

SHY RABBIT ArtistsNet is an association of artists who value arts education and advocate for “artists helping artists” in developing viable, sustainable, professional futures.

The true strength of this association is in the combined resources of the individual artists, allowing for the expansion and promotion of this cooperative support network.

Launched in June of 2008, this innovative marketing strategy has proven to be very successful to date, generating the sale and the commission of artwork by the founding ArtistsNet associates, as well as those being newly introduced through ArtistsNet 2.0.

The 14 associates who were invited to participate in the recently-launched SHY RABBIT ArtistsNet 2.0 have also been instrumental in the development and support of WORK-shops @ SHY RABBIT.

As a new addition to ArtistsNet 2.0, Colorado photographer, Robert Bridges, photographs with a purpose and intent, and tries to be still and spacious in his mind.

“I listen and I feel”, states Bridges. “I wait and I watch. I imagine and I play. I strive to be open and grateful for what is given to me.

“On the best days, the subject selects me”, Bridges continues. “When it does a relationship is created between self and the subject that has chosen me.”

“I photograph as an act of faith … as a sacrament … and as a prayer”, Bridges concludes.

For more information and to view Robert Bridge’s work, visit

With over 30 years of combined experience in architecture, ceramics, and fine art printmaking, professional artist D. Michael Coffee has amassed an extensive body of original functional and sculptural ceramics, hand-pressed Reductive Ink™ monoprints, and paintings.

Coffee’s Shino, Ash and Tenmoku glazed stoneware pieces are highly collected by tea practitioners and enthusiasts worldwide. His sculptural and functional ceramics are included in hundreds of public and private collections, and have been shown in numerous solo and invitational exhibitions.

As with Coffee’s ceramics, his hand-pressed Reductive Ink™ monoprints have been shown in hundreds of print exhibitions, and are also included in nearly 200 prestigious collections throughout the world.

As creative director for SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts, Coffee is responsible for conceiving, developing and implementing the ArtistsNet concept, and has been a strong advocate for advancing professionalism in the arts for years.

Coffee is very process driven, and tends to work in concentrated spurts that begin with long periods of quiet, almost meditative calm, followed by what can often feel like chaos.

“I try not to think when I work, in attempting to reach a mindless-mind state of intuitive creation when putting order to my thoughts”, states Coffee. “I also strive to silence the internal critic during this physically active period, stalling thoughtful analysis until the work is fully materialized. I routinely sit back at the end of this process, and ask myself what it is that I have manifested. I don’t feel that I can claim ownership, but that I merely facilitated the work into existence.”

For more information and to view D. Michael Coffee’s work, visit

Participation in ArtistsNet has paved the way for individual advancement through the design and distribution of thousands of printed mailers, introducing ArtistsNet associates and their work to an expanded nationwide audience.

ArtistsNet associates work is also featured on the SHY RABBIT Web site at with links to their individual ArtistsNet pages and personal Web sites.

Serving as the area’s leading contemporary art venue and teaching facility, the 4,000 square-foot arts facility houses a ceramic studio and fine art gallery, two mixed-media workshops, and two large exhibition spaces.

The exhibition space and arts facility is currently open winter hours 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday through Sunday, and daily by chance.

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts: Gallery, Studio and Workshops is located at 333 Bastille Drive, two blocks north of US 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard. 

For more information on SHY RABBIT, or to have your name added to the e-announcements list, visit or call 731-2766.