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Sale will raise funds for After-Prom Party

Spring is in the air, it can be felt on the skin, which is anxious for some exposure, after an especially cold winter. It can be seen in the quality of the light, especially early mornings and late afternoons. It can be heard in the somewhat frenzied bird song and it can even be smelled, as snow melts and soil appears.

It is also the time for Pagosa’s annual rummage sale, which will benefit The Ross Aragon Community Center as well as help raise funds for the “After-Prom-Moms,” who keep local youth safe after the annual prom with a night-long party at the community center.

The sale will be held at the center Saturday, April 10, from 8 a.m.-1 p.m., and the all-volunteer A.P. Moms will be selling donated rummage sale items as well as some homemade food items, and coffee, pop and water.

Breakfast burritos and hot dogs will be available for those who want energy while shopping for bargains as well as sustenance for those who fasted for the annual Health Fair held the same day.

The After-Prom-Party is in it’s seventh year; every year over 200 teens attend the party after their prom ends at midnight. There are casino games and a different giant inflatable obstacle course every year, as well as new active events, coffee drinks and pizza, etc.

This committee of moms have been meeting since the beginning of the year, and are now seeking donations for the rummage sale to raise money for the party. Please consider donating items, especially furniture or other desirable items to sell.

Teri Matzdorf will be glad to pick up items which you cannot bring to the community center the Friday before; please call her at 903-4652. If you want to drop off items Friday April 9, the center will be open and Teri will be taking items throughout the day.

The After-Prom-Moms work hard to make this event fun for teens, and others in the community help support the event as well. Eddie B. Cookin’ “hires” the moms to work at the annual NRA banquet and Kiwanis, Rotary and the Board of Realtors are all longtime supporters.

One way other Pagosa area folks can help keep local youth safe after prom, is to donate items and shop the April rummage sale. Getting rid of excess or no-longer-needed items feels good this time of year and finding a treasure or useful item always feels good. Or, just stopping by for a munchie will also help with this worthwhile cause.

Please stop by the Ross Aragon Community Center to see what’s there Saturday, April 10, and thanks for your consideration!