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County names five to CTC board

Archuleta County again has a functioning County Tourism Commission following passage of a resolution Tuesday which appointed five individuals to two-year terms on the board.

The Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners had voted at a Jan. 19 meeting to restructure the group, essentially starting from scratch in terms of the group’s makeup.

The group now consists of five members representing the community, with one being a county employee.

Those appointed by resolution 2010-3 are Kate Alfred, Jerry Baker, Jeff Greer, Marsha Preuit and Karin Kohake. Kohake, special projects manager for the county, will serve as the county representative.

Commissioner Clifford Lucero explained that, to choose the five, each commissioner read copies of the applications and letters of interest, voting for their choices, and the picks were then tallied by Claudia Smith, administrative assistant.

The appointees “covered a good cross section of the community,” said Commissioner Bob Moomaw in an interview, adding, “It also had some people (Preuit and Kohake) who have been on it for a very long time to bring continuity, as well as some new people that would have new thoughts and a new direction the CTC might want to go in.”

Moomaw said the BoCC felt the need to reorganize because, in the past, people who sat on the board were also applying for money, which put them in a position of conflict of interest.

A January resolution, 2010-3, which, among other things, changed the number of people serving on the CTC from seven to five people, revised a 2009 resolution.

“At the end of 2009, there were four people on the board whose terms expired, and then, in early 2010 another person resigned, so that left two people on the County Tourism Commission,” said Kohake, Archuleta County special projects manager, when she presented the resolution in January, adding, “We are recommending this opportunity to restructure the County Tourism Commission.”

Commissioner Clifford Lucero agreed that the timing was convenient for the change, stating, “This is a good direction we’re going in, we think. It’s overdue and it’s about time we do this.”

Beyond the convenient term limit expirations mentioned at the meeting, the BoCC has previously discussed with Kohake more of the reasoning behind the need to restructure and start fresh with the CTC.

At work sessions, including the Jan. 12 agenda review, inconsistencies with the group were discussed, such as the fact none of the previous members were officially appointed by the BoCC, as was directed in the 2009 resolution.

Previously, the CTC comprised seven members, including a representative from the county, one from the Chamber of Commerce, one from the Town Tourism Commission, two Lodging Association representatives, and two community members.

Despite the CTC still having two members from the original seven, the county recruited for all five positions.

The group will still involve the Chamber of Commerce, with the chamber director acting as a nonvoting ex officio member and a “liaison between the Chamber of Commerce, the County Tourism Commission and the Town Tourism Committee.”

The January resolution also includes a new statement banning CTC members from receiving “direct financial benefit in any manner from projects submitted to the CTC for funding” and one allowing the BoCC to remove any member from the CTC for any reason before the end of a term.

Also included is the option for the BoCC to consider funding county projects before considering other projects.

The CTC, which has been in existence since 1987, works to make specific recommendations to the BoCC regarding expenditure of county lodging tax revenues. Money goes toward marketing for community events, and the fund directs money ($66,000 in 2010) toward the running of the Visitors’ Center, which is run by the Chamber.