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CUMC to host ‘Hope for Haiti’

Be Thee-Be Hope-Be Haiti.

In the midst of the devastation caused by the Jan. 1 earthquake, a spirit of hope prevails in Haiti.

In an effort to continue with assistance to the Haiti people, Community United Methodist Church will host “Hope For Haiti”, on Sunday, March 14, at 4 p.m. Everyone in the community is invited to come learn more about the history, geography and customs of Haiti. This will be a potluck family event with food, games, music, a video on Haiti and worship.

This virtual expedition will introduce you and your family to the vibrant life in Haiti. You will be able to immerse yourselves in the lively rhythms of life on the island. You will explore picturesque waterfalls, mountains and countryside. You will explore Port-au-Prince before the earthquake.

Community United Methodist Church is committed to helping sustain the integrity of Haiti. Enjoy a potluck dinner — bring a dish and enjoy the enlightening evening that will follow.