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Local author, Cary Ellis, releases ‘Super Immunity Secrets’

Author and healthy diet and lifestyle expert, Cary Ellis of Pagosa Springs, is thrilled to see her book, “Super Immunity Secrets” for sale on in paperback (shortly on kindle also) as of February 2010.

“My birthday is in February and I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present,” said Ellis.

Ellis harvests her knowledge from background as and educator with Gerson Cancer Therapy Institute and co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, where wheatgrass, juices and living foods comprise popular wellness destination programs and holistic cancer treatments.

“Super Immunity Secrets” contains 175 clinical references to studies demonstrating protective qualities of everyday herbs and spices against colds, flu, cancer, heart disease and other serious illness, with fifty recipes well seasoned with these herbs and spices.

Designed as a guide, not wordy and to the point, with encouraging tips for moving towards healthier eating habits, it even includes a Shopping List. Biggest complaints for changing habits, that usually focus around time and money won’t gain a footing here. For the budget conscious delicious recipes such as “Cabbage Saute” and “Skillet Potatoes” spare the pennies. Quick, easy recipes that almost anyone can make post an average prep time of ten to twenty minutes.

Although primarily vegetarian recipes, they may be adapted with “soup bone” or dairy garnish. Quoting the recent NY Times bestseller, “The China Study,” (8,000 participants over thirty-five years),  Ellis states that all degenerative illness could be either reversed or eliminated with  maximum 7 percent animal foods in the diet (and little or no refined foods).

Written with a lighthearted attitude, the book still imparts the seriousness of documented evidence we can no longer deny, that benefits immune system vitality. This book has the potential to be an excellent compliment to natural cancer remedies, immune system support,  and specific needs such as the breast cancer diet and recovery from prostate cancer or chemotherapy.

These speedy menus for healthier lifestyle with full color photos, are simple for even the uninitiated to follow. Ellis’ book gives the reader insights in how to protect themselves and their families by boosting the immune system with great tasting, quick and easy super-immunity food meals.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” days Ellis. “Learn to make the recipes in this book and use the powerful Super Immunity Ingredients and you will have a repertoire of healthy meals that will never fail you.”

Find ongoing healthy tips at author’s blog, and a list of ailments these herbs and spices have been found beneficial for at