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Republican precinct caucus sites

Archuleta County Republicans have announced the precinct meeting locations for Republican caucuses scheduled March 16 at 7 p.m..

Voters who have been registered Republicans for 60 days and lived in their precinct for 30 days may participate in the Republican caucuses.

Republican precinct caucus locations will be:

Precinct 1 — County Commissioners’ Meeting Room, Archuleta County Courthouse.

Precinct 2 — United Methodist Church, 434 Lewis St., Pagosa Springs.

Precinct 3 — Archuleta County Extension Building, 344 U.S. 84, Pagosa Springs.

Precinct 4 — St. Peter Catholic Church, Colo. 151/CR 975, Arboles.

Precinct 5 — Chimney Rock Restaurant, 18710 W. U.S. 160, Chimney Rock.

Precinct 6 — Pagosa Lakes Vista Clubhouse, 230A Port Ave., Pagosa Lakes.

Precinct 7 — Restoration Fellowship, 264 Village Drive, Pagosa Springs.

Precinct 8 — Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Gym, 56 Meadows Drive, Pagosa Springs.

At each Republican precinct caucus, Republicans will select their two precinct central committee persons, who will serve a two-year term. Attendees will also select their delegates and alternates to the Republican County Assembly which will be held April 10.

Also, a Governor/U.S. Senator Preference Poll (straw poll) will be conducted at the caucuses. Resolutions proposed and approved at the caucuses will then move on the county/state levels and eventually to the national level, if approved at lower levels.

All registered Republicans are encouraged to participate in their precinct caucuses in this year of hotly contested county, state and federal elections.

If you have questions concerning locations and agendas of the Archuleta County Republican precinct caucuses, call Mojie Adler, 731-4277.