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St. Patrick’s Episcopal to offer class on Celtic spirituality

The Rev. Douglas Neel, the priest at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, will be teaching a four week class on Celtic Spirituality and Christianity.

The classes will begin on Wednesday, Feb. 24, and will be held on Wednesday evenings, beginning at 6 p.m., in the church parish hall. A free soup dinner will be served in conjunction with the class and the sessions are open to all who wish to attend.

There has been a renewal of interest over the last several decades in Celtic spirituality, especially the ancient Celtic Christians of the British Isles. Celtic spirituality was tied to a great reverence for the earth and its beauty as part of God’s creation. Celtic prayer often included numerous references to the wonder of the surrounding environment.

“I want us to study Celtic spirituality because it can speak so clearly to those of us living in and around Pagosa Springs,” says Fr. Doug. “We encounter the grandeur of creation on a daily basis. We innately sense the presence of Spirit in the world around us. This study offers us a spiritual perspective that seems tailor made for us in our corner of the world. Indeed, it makes perfect sense that our church, St. Patrick’s, is named for one of the greatest of the Celtic Christians.”

In addition to serving as a priest in Episcopal churches in the Dallas area, Fr. Doug spent several years as a seminary instructor at the Anglican School of Theology, teaching sacramental theology and apologetics. As a historian and priest, he has taught numerous classes and seminars regarding life in the first century and religious traditions and practices during the time of Christ. These classes on the subject of Celtic spirituality and Christianity will be taught weekly during the season of Lent.

St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church is located at 225 S. Pagosa Boulevard. For more information, call 903-4847.