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Bob Hart will run for BoCC seat in District 3

Bob Hart, a Republican, has entered the race for the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners District 3 seat.

“Basically, I want to serve my community that’s been so good to me over the years,” Hart said. “I’ve been very involved in the community, but want to do more.”

While saying he’ll delve more into specifics as the campaign continues, Hart said one of his very basic goals is to involve the community more than is currently being done.

“I believe heavily in teamwork and, to me, the community as a whole is a team. It’s not just the commissioners, the employees or the staff. I think the county will get a lot done with everyone working together,” Hart said.

“I’ve been heavily involved in community affairs,” Hart said, adding that he currently serves as chair of the Town Tourism Committee, is on the county Roads Task Force Committee, has served on the Archuleta Economic Development Association, as president of the Builder’s Association, on the town Land Use Development committee, and is a business owner of a company that has employed up to 34 people in Archuleta County.