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Cards of Thanks


In this day and age it is so nice to witness random acts of kindness.

Our thanks to Kermit Littleton, Billy Manzanares and Stan Maddux for helping us remove snow.

You guys are awesome! We are so blessed to have you as neighbors.

Connie and Steve Prunty


It was once said, “The greatest tragedy of war would be to forget.”

Over the last year, there have been many prayers, care packages and gifts sent from Pagosans to Afghanistan.

Thank you, DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), Mary Riethmiller, Sandy Howe, Lynn Constan and Suzanne Gates, for the huge Christmas care packages you sent to the 3509. Socks, blankets and snacks arrived just in time before a remote deployment toward the border. Spc. Cartrette and the 3509 send you a much appreciated, big “thank you.”

Thank you to Madeline and Sam Ames for all the jerky and prayers. Spc. Cartrette said, “Colorado deer/elk jerky tastes ‘real good’ in Afghanistan.”

Thank you, Eliza Lucero, Karen Furman, Ron and Cindy Gustafson, and countless others for your continuous prayers.

Thank you, Steve and Alberta Nickerson, for your Christmas care package for Spc. Cartrette. “A package from home is the best thing that happens in Afghanistan,” says Cartrette.

Caitlin and Daniel Rivas who are making handmade rosaries and sending their prayers — thank you, too.

Spc. Cartrette, Company 3509 and I would like to graciously thank the American Legion Post 108 and numerous Pagosans for your kind words, prayers and community support for our troops over the last year. Every single one of you made a difference.

I’m so proud of our soldiers and especially the people of my community, Pagosa Springs. You didn’t forget!

Company 3509, Spc. Cartrette and Cathy DeCory