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Betty Diller to run for county treasurer

Archuleta County Treasurer Betty Diller has added her name to the list of officials seeking reelection in November.

“I enjoy the complexity and challenges of the position. It is very gratifying to take a look at the processes and develop quicker, more efficient ways to fulfill the requirements and purpose of the office,” said Diller, a Republican who was elected to the position in 2008 (to fill a vacancy).

Diller states that her primary focus is serving Archuleta County, which includes making technological advances in the office.

“We continue to increase our use of technology and develop more efficient processes. The public trustee Web site and treasurer Web module that accesses our tax software will launch soon, so foreclosure and tax information will be easily accessed 24 hours a day,” she said.

Before becoming treasurer, Diller said she was a business owner, employee and consultant in the financial world — roles that allowed her to develop skills and insights.

“In addition to seeing the big picture, I see how each detail affects the whole. Being able to see this relationship enables me to develop processes that bring these two pictures into harmony,” she said.