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BoCC approves CDC plan, revises county fee schedule

In a Tuesday meeting absent Commissioner John Ranson and with relatively few agenda items, the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners endorsed the Archuleta Economic Development Association (AEDA) draft strategic plan to restructure as a Community Development Corporation (CDC).

The AEDA board voted at their Jan. 26 meeting to restructure the group from an Economic Development Association, which holds a 501 (c)(6) nonprofit federal tax status, confined to business development and support, to a CDC, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that is open to issues of a wider scope concerning economic development, and able to pursue a wider range of funding sources (for more information on the restructuring, see the Jan. 28 issue of The SUN).

The AEDA voted on the plan following the formation of a committee in November that was charged with pursuing a strategic plan for the future of the group.

Following the vote to restructure, the AEDA requested that both the BoCC and the Pagosa Springs Town Council endorse the strategic plan to transition and restructure, and for each to designate a representative to serve on the CDC board.

The town council also voted to endorse the strategic plan at their regular meeting Tuesday.

“I’m very excited this is going forward. This is something, certainly, I’ve been working on for a couple years. I think it’s kind of a culmination and everybody really seems to be on board,” commissioner Bob Moomaw said, adding that it was the next step for the AEDA to move forward to being a CDC after 20 years. “I think this will be a great shot in the arm for economic development in this community.”

Despite, or perhaps because of his absence from the meeting, Ranson was appointed to serve as the BoCC representative. Commissioner Clifford Lucero noted at the meeting that he and Moomaw had spoken with Ranson about being the representative.

“I’m really excited about the new possibilities and, even on the trip (that kept him from the meeting), that was one of the areas I made some notes and plans about,” said Ranson in a phone interview. “I think it’s a great time to head off in a little bit of a different and new direction and get a group that is really wanting to be a hard-working board that’s willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved.”

In addition to the CDC endorsement, the board approved and heard a number of other agenda items and reports:

• The board approved a request from the Road and Bridge Department to put out a bid for the crushing of aggregate at the Chubb Draw Pit in Hinsdale County to place on U.S. Forest Service Road 631, as per an intergovernmental agreement between the county and the USFS.

With the agreement, the county will gravel a 2.7- to 3-mile span of USFS Road 631 from the Hinsdale County line south in return for $375,000 in unused stimulus funding from the USFS.

• An item was approved allowing the Road and Bridge Department to put out a bid for the aggregate needed for general road maintenance in 2010.

Ken Feyen, county public works director, said the necessary amount of gravel has not been finalized and is only a rough estimate, since the road projects for 2010 are still being decided by the Road Task Force Advisory Committee. The department wanted to have a head start on determining locations and prices of gravel.

“We estimate right now that, if we were to undertake approx 20 miles of roadway, which would be approximately eight to nine miles more than what we did last year, we would need about 65,000 tons,” Feyen said.

The department used about 35,000 tons last year.

• The 2010 fee schedule was approved with a number of changes from 2009:

Building permit fees are reduced 50 percent, a change from the 100-percent fee waiver that took effect in July 2009.

For fences over 6 feet high, language was changed from “30 percent of linear feet” to “$1x30 percent of linear feet.”

New modular and mobile permits and inspections were raised from $79 to $200, despite a tabled related agenda item. A fee of $50/unit was added for Carbon Monoxide Detector Inspection (if no building permit of CO fee). A fee of $75 was added for mechanical, fire code, insurance or other inspection (if no other permit).

For the county clerk, a $1.25 fee was added for each copy made from older, big books. The fee for microfiche cards was removed.

Under the category of seniors, the fee of $10 for “local medical non senior” was removed.

For planning, a concept plan review of $1,500 was added. Under the concept plan review subheading, a development agreement review was also added, completing the actual planning and legal staff cost. Also under the subheading, a fee of $5,000 for general development plan review (for vested rights) was added. Under the subheading of Use by Right-Site Plan Review, a fee of $25 was added for home occupation. Under Miscellaneous Application Fees, a minor variance fee of $150 was added.

For road and bridge, the fee for mag-chloride per gallon (not delivered nor applied) was changed to 70 cents per gallon.

In the sheriff’s department, the cost per page for reports up to five pages and for reports after the first five pages was changed to 25 cents.

Solid waste fees for the Pagosa Springs Transfer Station, landfill and Arboles Transfer Station were raised 25 cents each, to $16.25, $13.25 and $16.26 per cubic yard, respectively.

• The board approved a five-year lease agreement with American West Fabrications for space at Nick’s Hangar.

Two agenda items were tabled. The first, concerning adopting the State Housing Board of Colorado Resolution No. 38 to allow the county building department to administer and inspect manufactured housing installation, was tabled until at least the Mar. 2 meeting. Despite the tabling, the fee change was included in the county fee schedule approved in order to prevent amending the fee schedule again, said County Attorney Todd Starr.

The second, regarding the lease agreement with AVJET Corporation for the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) building at the airport, was tabled until further notice and is slated to be discussed in executive session at the BoCC special meeting today.

A report from Jon Johnson, chair of the Town Tourism Committee Wayfinding Signage subcommittee, previewed for the BoCC and audience members a possible new signage and wayfinding theme the committee hopes will be built throughout Pagosa as part of the group’s strategic plan.

The report also asked the commissioners for their support and “spirit of cooperation” in the beautification project, by working to enforce the nuisance ordinance primarily in areas targeted by this year’s beautification project and to consider appointing someone to work with the committee on the project.

Both commissioners were on board with the idea, with Lucero offering to volunteer as the county liaison to the committee.

The next regular meeting of the BoCC is Feb. 16 at 1:30 p.m.