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Charge filed in false report

A Pagosa Springs woman has been charged with one count of false reporting to authorities after calling 911 on Jan. 7, reporting a man had threatened her with a gun. In a follow-up investigation, the woman revealed the alleged assailant had no gun.

Kaylee Wiggers, 21, was served a summons in complaint by District Attorney Investigator George Daniels Tuesday, said Deputy District Attorney Alex Lowe. The charge is a class three misdemeanor.

“The affect on the community, as a whole,” led to the charge against Wiggers, said Lowe, citing the lockdown of the schools and fear on the part of the citizens when they thought there was a man with a gun in the downtown area. “That’s just not appropriate.”

The Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department recommended to the DA’s office that Wiggers not be charged, believing that she was still a victim of sexual harassment and that her status as a victim outweighed what Undersheriff John Weiss and Det. George Barter characterized as her “exaggeration.”

Lowe said the DA’s office considered all aspects of the situation in their decision to charge Wiggers, but “felt strongly that charges were appropriate in this case.”

Originally, Wiggers called 911 on Jan. 7 and reported that a man had pulled a gun on her while she was giving him a ride to town from Wolf Creek Ski Area. She further reported that he had exited the car and ran after she pulled into the landfill parking lot next to the courthouse in downtown Pagosa Springs.

The call prompted an intensive search of the downtown area by the sheriff’s department, Pagosa Springs Police Department (with a tracking dog), the Colorado State Patrol and an investigator from the district attorney’s office. The hunt for the suspect ended at approximately 5:40 p.m. that evening.

The incident also caused the intermediate and junior high schools to immediately go on lockdown at the commands of Lisa Hudson and Chris Hinger, the schools’ principals.

While investigating the incident, Barter noticed that the facts didn’t match Wiggers’ story and, during the follow-up interview, she told Barter that there was no gun, but that the man had sexually harassed her as she gave him a ride.

No court date was known at press time.