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In Memoriam - Ronald Christopher Martinez

Ronald Christopher Martinez

Sept. 19, 1980 — Jan. 29, 1981.

Even though he was here for a very short while, we will always remember that little boy’s smile.

He came to us on a sunny September day; Papa and Nana were so excited they didn’t know what to say.

Two young kids became parents before their turn, with the help of our family a little angel was born.

He changed our lives in so many special ways, with his smile, charm and the way he loved to play.

He would climb upon his rocking horse with his hands in the air, to show off to Papa and Nana ‘cause he knew they were always there.

I’m sure he’d be a cowboy if he were here today, but our Lord needed him beside him and he took him away.

Never in our lives have we ever felt such pain, his Papa and Nana to this day have never been the same.

We wonder what he’d be like if he had never gone, but because our little cowboy is in Heaven, we feel Heaven in our home.

God bless you.

Love, your Nino, Dennis Martinez