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County tax notices redesigned

In an effort to increase user ease, the Archuleta County Treasurer’s Office has redesigned the tax notice that will be mailed to property owners this week.

The redesign affects the coupons used to make payments, how payments are processed by the office and information provided to property owners on the form.

“We redesigned the tax notices to give property owners more information in a more readable format,” said Treasurer Betty Diller in a phone interview.

The content changes that accompany the redesign are as follows:

• One of the most noticeable changes is the switch from three payment coupons previously to two payment coupons on the 2009 notice.

One coupon serves both full and first-half payments, while the other is for second-half payments. This will make choosing the correct coupon less confusing, Diller noted in an e-mail.

The coupons also allow property owners to change their address on file with the county.

• A new system being instituted by the office will add barcodes to the coupons, allowing a remittance processor to use new equipment to scan the coupon and the check to post payment.

“Once the equipment is installed in the Treasurer’s office, payment processing will be much more efficient,” Diller wrote.

The system will also keep images of checks on file for future reference.

• There is now a list of dates detailing when additional fees will be applied to delinquent accounts. The section also states that all delinquent accounts must be paid in certified funds or cash.

• Added to the back of the notice are messages concerning moving mobile homes and mortgage escrow payments.

• The back of the form also includes general information about taxes and appropriate phone numbers to call with questions.