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ECA creativity sessions and classes

Elation Center for the Arts is offering creativity sessions and classes at the new EcoLiving Studio in downtown Pagosa Springs.

• Tuesday, 5:30-7 p.m. Live Music and Movement is open to anyone who wants to do free-form dance, yoga, tai chi and other styles, to flowing music on sitar and various acoustic instruments played by Paul Roberts. The cost is $7. For more information about these Live Music and Movement sessions, call 731-3117.

• Wednesday 2-3 p.m. Kids Music and Dance with Paul and Carla Roberts, is a joyous celebration of singing, dancing and musical instruments, open to young children accompanied by a parent. The cost is $7 per family. For more information about Kids Music and Dance, call 731-3117.

• Wednesday 3:30-5 p.m. and 5:30-7 p.m. Belly dance classes for beginners are taught by Carla Roberts. Belly dance is fabulous non-impact, weight-bearing exercise. Many of the moves involve isolations that improve flexibility of the torso, help build strength in the upper-body, arms and shoulders, and strengthen the legs and long muscles of the back. Carla Roberts brings decades of dance experience to create a safe and fun environment for self-expression in her dance classes. No previous experience is necessary in order enjoy the great workout that modern belly dance gives you. Wear comfortable clothing for movement, and bring a hip scarf if you have one. Drop-ins are welcome. The cost is $7. For more information about these belly dance classes, call 731-3117.

EcoLiving Studio is located at 280 Pagosa St., between Pagosa Source and Victoria’s Reign — in a brick-colored, stucco building. The studio’s phone number is 749-1600.