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Local students producing dating abuse PSAs

Two advanced video production students at Pagosa Springs High School and Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program (ACVAP) Youth Violence Prevention Education Program have begun an exciting, collaborative project.

Dakota Jarvie and Casey Crow were approached by Liz Parker, Violence Prevention Education Program Coordinator, to create a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on dating abuse and healthy relationships. The goal is to build awareness and prevent relationship violence; both girls were eager to put their ideas into the project.

Using information provided by ACVAP, describing consequences and effects on both male and female teens, Dakota and Casey, within a day, presented Liz with ideas for three 30-second PSAs.

The girls will take their ideas, shoot the raw video, and then do the post-production work (editing, adding graphics, text, animations, scoring, and exporting to the final format for distribution).

One of Pagosa High Television’s (PHTV) goals is to promote a cooperative working relationship with the community using video-technology.

High school teacher Curtis Maberry said, “It’s hard to convey the very real, significant impact the program has had on students and the school. I’m very proud of what the students accomplish every year.”

Casey and Dakota hope to increase student-awareness of teen dating violence, explain how to recognize warning signs, and inform where someone can go for help. The girls will create their PSAs, working to fulfill the vision of the Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program and Carmen Hubbs, Executive Director.

It has been a longtime desire of Carmen’s to air a violence prevention message that could be viewed at the Liberty Theater on a daily basis. Mark Monaco, owner of the theater, has graciously directed Mrs. Parker on how to make this happen.

According to Mark’s Web site referencing on-screen advertising, “Customers are five-10 times more likely to notice dynamic vs. static media, and are two to five times more likely to recall it.”

What better way to reach young people with ACVAP’s anti-violence message and reinforce healthy relationship behavior, than with the technology that they find so captivating.

When Liz first proposed the PHTV/ACVAP project to Christina Knickerbocker of Paint The Dog Productions, the Liberty’s advertising consultant, Christina responded, “Sounds exciting! We’ve wanted to work with area youth more anyway, generating their videos through contests, etcetera. This sounds like a great place to start.”

Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Children’s Advocacy in Denver, has also shown an interest in Dakota and Casey’s work with ACVAP. They would like to insert the girls’ video into the presentation that will be sent out to the entire state and made available on the Web for Teen Dating Violence Week, Feb. 1-5, 2010.

On behalf of Dakota and Casey for their hard work on this extracurricular project, Liz would like to ask the community for donations to help the girls with an exciting opportunity to attend the annual Student Television Network Convention (STN) in Anaheim, Calif.

Pagosa Springs High School is a member of STN, a national organization of high school broadcast programs. The girls must provide $900 each to pay for their trip. This covers travel, hotel, meals and the convention registration fees. Donations can be sent to Pagosa Springs High School: PHTV, Box 1498, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 by Jan. 30. The convention will be held March 3-6. Interested individuals may also contact Curtis Maberry at the high school, 264-2231, Ext. 262.

The STN convention is a wonderful learning experience where the girls will attend workshops, lectures, contests, and be part of a gathering of over 2,000 high school students from around the country. This will be a profound experience for two amazing young women who have enthusiastically volunteered to create something they are both passionate about.

To quote Dakota, “Every hour devoted to this project is worth it because it is so personal to us. It means so much more when it’s something you can relate to and are passionate about. Relationship classes should be mandatory in all schools across the U.S. If everyone knew how to have healthy, mutually beneficial relationships, the world would be a much better place. It’s the most valuable tool you can give someone.”

Archuleta County Victim Assistance Program’s Youth Violence Prevention Education Program, a nonprofit agency that promotes the belief that all people have the right to live free from violence by providing support and advocacy services for victims and education for youth and our community.

For more information, call 264-9075 or 264-4152, Ext. 31.