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Ross Aragon signals run for another term

After serving eight terms as Pagosa Springs Mayor, Ross Aragon has decided to throw his hat into the ring again for a possible ninth term.

“I love my town and I want to help, to make a contribution — that’s the bottom line,” Aragon said in a phone interview, explaining his decision to run again.

“The longest-serving mayor in Colorado,” is how Sen. Michael Bennet introduced Aragon last August, when he was here to review the mayor’s geothermal greenhouse project. In fact, by criteria used by the U.S. Conference of Mayors for longest serving mayors, Aragon would be listed in the top 20 of longest serving mayors in the U.S.

Having served as mayor since 1978 (he served two years on town council prior to his current tenure), Aragon has a long and distinguished career as mayor, having led Pagosa Springs through dramatic changes since he first took the helm of the town board.

Still, Aragon concedes there is much to be done and stated that he looks forward to serving another term to see those projects completed.

“There’s a lot I’m really concerned about,” he said. “The wastewater treatment plant is one big concern and that’s going to take a lot of leadership. The geothermal greenhouse partnership, that’s a big issue and I’d like to see that through.”

Aragon also mentioned various capital improvement projects (including the completion of the Riverwalk) that he also hopes to accomplish in an unprecedented (for the town) ninth term as mayor.

With elections scheduled for April 6, Aragon appears to have a clear shot at re-election — so far, no one has announced an opposing bid for Aragon’s seat. Aragon won his last election in 2006 with a landslide victory.

Aware that 36 years in office (if he wins the election in April) is unusually long , Aragon was quick to point out that his decision to run was based purely on his commitment to the community.

“I have no other motive for running,” Aragon concluded, “that I love my town very much.”