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A special Christmas Eve service at Pagosa Bible Church

You are invited to an extraordinary Christmas Eve service at Pagosa Bible Church.

Amid the lights, glitter, tinsel and fluff that the Christmas season has become, many of us still wonder, “How can this single child make a difference in the world, let alone in my life?”

Why does this time of year seem to be alive with activity, yet seem to be without any true meaning? While most of us seek to live a fulfilled life of meaning and purpose, why have so few been truly changed? Come see how this child can change lives for the better.

Featured during the service will be a special presentation of, “A Baby Changes Everything,” a new work by Dan Burch and Rick Artis. This musical, dramatic presentation features a variety of familiar themes and highlights the “life changing” events that surround the birth of the Christ Child. Along with the Holy family, angels, and shepherds will join the Christmas Ensemble in a time of celebration and worship.

Make plans now to attend this very special evening, Thursday, Dec. 24, beginning at 6 p.m. at Mountain Heights Baptist Church, 1044 Park Ave. (Please note the location change from the new PBC campus.)

Be sure to join the PBC family for a time of fellowship and refreshment following the service.

For more information about the church and this service, please contact the PBC office, 731-3120 or