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Pagosa Lakeside Park — a new name for a new amenity

PLPOA’s new park, located on the east side of Lake Pagosa, next to Piedra Road, is now called Pagosa Lakeside Park.

The name, chosen from several names submitted by property owners, was contributed by Ken Bailey. Congratulations Mr. Bailey for winning the park-naming contest.

Pagosa Lakeside Park consists of a covered picnic pavilion, a floating fishing pier, several picnic tables, new landscaping (which you will get to see once the snow melts in the spring) and parking for eight vehicles. This new park was already popular with anglers and folk that wanted a nice spot to relax last summer.

I hope as each and everyone prepares for the holiday season that you will take time out of your busy schedule to stay in touch with your loved ones, your aged relatives and the families around you that need a little extra love and attention to lift their spirits. Creating memories that have lasting meaning have little to do with things bought, but with things shared, experiences offered and the closeness of the people you love.

Back to the issue of buying experiences; let me address this to parents of school-age children. It’s not uncommon for teens wanting to get into the recreation center, to do so by forcing entry through use of a friend’s card, sneaking past the front desk or through other creative means. This Christmas, please consider purchasing a pass for your child — something they can use throughout the year in a safe, healthy environment with their friends. It will be a gift that could help guide your child on a positive track through the rest of his/her life.

2010 recreation center annual and six-month memberships are currently on sale. The memberships available will be the single, couple and family memberships. They are valid immediately upon purchase, so you don’t have to wait until the first of the year to begin enjoying the amenities.

The recreation center will close at 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve and will be closed all day on Christmas. Regular business hours will be maintained at the recreation center during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Those two days are some of the busiest at the recreation center.

Speaking of busiest, the period between Christmas and New Year has traditionally been peak times at the recreation center for timeshare visitors. I’m encouraging all local users to brace themselves. When you are hoping for a quiet hot tub soak or workout, I know it is overwhelming to be greeted instead by noisy crowds and user congestion. Since we are only talking a matter of six to seven days, try adjusting your schedule to include an early morning or daytime workout. The congestion is mostly limited to evenings … after a hard day on the ski slopes, the hot tub and pool are prime relaxation.