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New online language-learning system available on library Web site

A powerful new online language learning system designed specifically for use by the patrons of public libraries is now available on the Sisson Library Web site:

Called BYKI, short for “Before You Know It,” it is a rapid learning system employing spaced interval repetition. The BYKI method takes you through a series of simple steps to memorize words and phrases in a new language, including their meaning and proper pronunciation, in the shortest possible time.

BYKI is available to help you learn more than 70 languages and you can access the system from inside or outside the library via the web browser on Windows and Mac computers. In addition to BYKI’s advanced learning tools, you can access an array of online language and cultural resources including one-click access to Facebook and Twitter language communities as well as BYKI language blogs.

The link to BYKI can be found under “Online Resources” on the Web site. If you want some help, mark your 2010 calendar for a Language Learning Night with BYKI demo on Thursday, Jan. 14, from 5:30-6:30 p.m.?

Giving Tree

Please stop by and sponsor an ornament on our Giving Tree, thereby donating a book to a child or teen this holiday season. Your contribution — a book or money for the purchase of a book — can be an important factor in the literacy and reading pleasure of our local youngsters and young adults.

Large print

“Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace With Books, Not Bomb, in Afghanistan and Pakistan” by Greg Mortensen is a first-person narrative that picks up after “Three Cups of Tea” and recounts his relentless efforts to establish schools for girls in Afghanistan. “Rhino Ranch” is the final chapter in the Duane Moore story by Larry McMurtry. “Dracula, the Un-Dead: The Sequel to the Original Classic” by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt updates the prototypical horror novel. “Under the Dome” by Stephen King is the latest by this bestselling author of supernatural novels. “Trial By Fire” by J. A. Jance is a murder mystery about a woman left to burn in a raging fire in the Arizona desert. “U is for Undertow” by Sue Grafton is the latest in this highly popular alphabetical mystery series featuring Kinsey Millhone.

Books on CD

“U is for Undertow” by Sue Grafton is the latest in this highly popular alphabetical mystery series featuring Kinsey Millhone. “I, Alex Cross” by James Patterson is the latest in the bestselling Alex Cross series. “Pirate Latitudes” by Michael Crichton is a suspense novel set in the Caribbean in 1665.


“The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl” by Ree Drummond is a homespun collection of photography, rural stories and cowboy-tested recipes. “The Conscious Cook” by Tal Ronnen offers 70 delicious meatless recipes applying traditional French culinary techniques that the author, a former steak lover, promises will change the way you eat.

Holiday book for youngsters

“Turkey Trouble” by Wendi Silvano is a children’s book about a turkey who disguises himself so he will not be eaten.

Books for teens

Thanks to the generosity of a donation from the Pagosa Pretenders, we have six new acting-related books aimed at teens in the seventh grade and higher: “Acting For Young Actors: The Ultimate Teen Guide” by Mary Lou Belli and Donah Lenney, “Careers for Culture Lovers & Other Artsy Types/third edition” by Marjorie Eberts and Margaret Gisler, “Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part” by Michael Shurtleff, “New One-Act Plays for Acting Students” edited by Deb Bert and Norman A. Bert, “Eyes Like Stars” by Lisa Mantchev, and “Seize the Story: For Teens Who Like to Write” by Victoria Hanley.

Quotable quote

“The only end of writing is to enable the readers better to enjoy life.” — Samuel Johnson (1709-1784), English poet, essayist, novelist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer.

Special holiday thanks

We are deeply grateful to so many generous people for helping us decorate your library for the Christmas season. A special thank you to the CUMC Russ Hill Bazaar for the lovely wreath that is gracing the library’s lobby. We would also like to thank Mercedes Leist for donating the beautiful tree that is standing in the Turner Reading Room. The tree was decorated by the Humane Society for the Festival of Trees auction. And we greatly appreciate Lisa Scott’s beautiful Christmas china that is featured in our collectors’ display case this month.

More thanks to our donors

Our thanks to Lucille Alley for the generous donation in memory of Virginia Decker. For books and materials this week, we thank Caroleen Arbuthnot, Sandy Caves, Anne Erickson, Richard Fearon, Cynthia Galabota, Bob Garvey, Betsy Gill, Karen Harper, Carole Howard, Bamma Laizure, Les Linton, Linda Mozer, Anna O’Reilly, Doris Prior, Alan Saltzstein, Gail Shephard and Zhena.

Web site

For more information on library books, services and programs — and to reserve books from the comfort of your home — please visit our Web site at