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What do you want for Christmas?

On Nov. 29, the first Sunday of Advent, the St. Patrick Episcopal Church Adult Christian Education Study group (ACES) will begin a review of Dr. Rev. James W. Moore’s “What do you want for Christmas?”

More is author of 40 books including: “Yes Lord I Have Sinned But I Have Several Excellent Excuses” and “When You’re a Christian, the Whole World is from Missouri.”

What do you want for Christmas? It’s a question that gets asked of us often as the holiday season approaches.

And. if we’re honest, much of the time when we answer that question we have material things on our mind.

Moore invites us to explore the question on a deeper level.

Deep down, what do I really want for Christmas? Does my heart long for the gifts the Christ child brings — the type of gifts that money can’t buy?

The ACES meet Sundays in the Church Library from 9-9:45 a.m. Worship follows at 10. All are welcome to join us at God’s Table. Go to