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Park Ave. paving saves $310,000

The Park Avenue paving project has been completed and came in $310,000 under budget, ahead of schedule.

The project, which began in April, involved the reconstruction and paving of over two miles of road on Park Avenue, Cloud Cap Avenue and Holiday Avenue.

Archuleta County, working with Davis Engineering and Elam Construction, estimated that the Park Avenue paving and a portion of Could Cap paving would cost approximately $1,812,982.12, with the Holiday Avenue paving cost at $508,609.35.

According to Public Works Director Ken Feyen, the biggest reason the project finished under budget was that boring done before the project led to the belief that the subgrade, the layer below the pavement and gravel, would be more unstable than it was in reality.

County Administrator Greg Schulte said the $310,000 would go back into the Road Capitol Improvement Fund and be carried over for future capitol improvement road projects.

Feyen said the project reached ‚Äúsubstantial completion‚ÄĚ a couple weeks ago, with the project finished two to three weeks ahead of the scheduled Nov. 26 completion date.