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WIPS meets last Tuesday of every month

After one and a half years, WIPS (Women in Pagosa Springs) continues to grow. 

What started out as an informal gathering for lunch once a month remains the same.  Led by Cindy Gustafson, one of Pagosa’s premier volunteers, this group has embraced the differences in all women, and is fun to attend.

 While still not asking for formal membership, dues or commitment of time or money, attendance continues to rise.  This could be because of variety.  Variety of women, topics for discussion, food and restaurants, and different causes and needs in our community of which to become aware.

 As the holidays approach, WIPS would like to remind us of a need for cell phones to be cleaned up and sent to our troops.  These can be brought to Diana at our luncheon.  Also needed are women’s items to be given to the victims of abuse.  And socks, socks, clean socks to be made into — what else? — sock dolls.  These items would be appreciated, but are not required for you to attend lunch.

 Camaraderie among the women of our community continues to be the focus of WIPS.  If you like to talk and listen, laugh and commiserate, all while sharing  and taking away a good feeling for yourself, plan to take a break and attend this month’s luncheon.

 WIPS will meet, as usual, on the last Tuesday of the month. On Nov. 24,  Thanksgiving lunch will be provided by Jim Stone at the Buffalo Inn at 11:30 a.m.  The cost for lunch is $10.

Contact Cindy at 731-2105 to make a reservation or to request further information.