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PLPOA seeks input on fence height restrictions

Tonight, the PLPOA Board of Directors will hold its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse.

PLPOA members are encouraged to attend, to bring to the board their concerns and suggestions and, in general, support this group of volunteers who have chosen to donate their time and talents and put themselves on the line to lead this association.

Current PLPOA building permit regulations restrict side and rear fences to five feet in height (except in Vista subdivision where a six-foot height is permitted).

PLPOA’s environmental control committee has received complaints from property owners that the five-foot height restriction is unreasonable since a five-foot fence does not provide adequate privacy for rear yards. Also, wood fence pickets sold by lumber companies come in six-foot lengths; which currently must have one foot removed in order to be used in Pagosa Lakes.

The committee’s reasoning for this five-foot restriction was to avoid the “walled in” look and feel within the subdivisions and to preserve the natural open-space ambiance of the area.

The environmental control committee would like to know what property owners think about the five-foot fence height restriction. Should a six-foot fence height be allowed or should the five foot restriction remain in place?

Let the PLPOA know your feelings on this matter by providing a written response to the PLPOA Environmental Control Committee, 230 Port Avenue, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147, or e-mail Your concern and help will be greatly appreciated.

Copies of the PLPOA neighborhood rules and regulations may be obtained at the association offices at 230 Port Ave. and are also available on the association Web site at

Road Advisory Committee

Applications are being sought for PLPOA’s Road Advisory Committee vacancies.

The Road Advisory Committee is a standing committee empowered by the PLPOA Board of Directors to provide advice and counsel to the board on matters pertaining to roads within the Pagosa Lakes subdivisions. The committee intends to work closely with the new county Roads Task Force. PLPOA members interested in serving on the committee must be property owners in good standing. For a committee application, contact the association administrative office at 230 Port Ave., or phone 731-5635.

Park Avenue road construction is completed and the end product is a well-constructed, smooth and finely-engineered road. I thank the county commissioners for taking the initiative to launch into this big first phase of the county’s road program. I also applaud the commissioners for their serious commitment to improving roads in the county. I realize that for those of you still living on roads in poor condition, it may seem like not enough is being done. Be patient.

If you have suggestions about roads or road issues in Pagosa Lakes, send your information to the PLPOA Road Committee by e-mail or drop in by the office on Port Avenue as soon as possible.

Turkey Trot

The Pagosa Lakes Swim Club, the Porpoises, is planning on putting on the Turkey Trot again this Thanksgiving morning.

You can choose to compete in the five-mile run or walk a two-mile loop. Start training now by getting some running or walking miles under your belt.