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Letters to Editor 11-5-09

A house divided

Dear Editor:

I understand Mr. Jim Sawicki’s frustration; I do not understand his bitterness toward his fellow American citizens.

Jim yearns for the “good ole days.” Actually, they weren’t all that great — I was there. We milked by the light of a kerosene lantern. The old days are gone. The world has sailed on, leaving Jim and his brethren standing on the dock with no place to go. The laws of physics (read God) preclude the reversal of time. We must go forward and compete on the world stage. America must “march or die.”

David Gergen of CNN news wrote an essay, entitled “Are We Asking Enough of Ourselves?” Not near enough in my opinion. I grew up in an era when my older friends and cousins turned 17, they joined the Marines. Over 6,000 Marines died and another 20,000 were blown to pieces, but somehow survived on Iwo Jima. I have a second-generation nephew over in Iraq. He was pulled out of medical school for his fourth tour. I can’t help compare what these guys did and are doing for America and what we are doing at home.

So what are American civilians doing — shopping, whining about taxes, cheering when America loses the Olympics (who were they cheering for — Japan?), complaining that an American president was awarded the Nobel Prize (who did they want to win — Osama bin Laden?), and writing irate letters to the editor, accusing the president of the United States of running death camps. We even had a letter writer who blames Hurricane Katrina on President Obama, and laments that if we only aped the Muslim countries and prayed five times a day and didn’t allow women to drive cars, God would no longer be sad.

I have no problem with criticism of the president and his policies. I do it all the time. But the lies and hate stuff are going too far. I would love to see a positive letter to The SUN from a Republican extolling the virtues of their forthcoming candidate and suggestions for the solutions of the country’s woes. If the American people don’t like the current president, they can elect another one in three years. That’s the American way. Remember, it is written in the gospel of St. Mark and reiterated by that great Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, “A house divided cannot stand.”

My compliments to Colonel Bartlett for his positive letter to The SUN. He mentions my dad’s old outfit. Ninety-one years ago, the 4th Infantry Division was engaged in the Meuse Argonne offensive. My dad and his comrades were dealing with a German counter attack a few minutes before the guns went silent on Nov. 11, 1918.

Bob Dungan


Good job

Dear Editor:

Even when I know I am going to have fun on a trip, I really don’t want to leave Pagosa. I hope I’m not alone feeling this way.

My heart is heavy as I feel the absence of James Robinson, but I have always known (but never admitted) that Pagosa wasn’t big enough for his talents. He used the English language in a way I had never experienced before. So beautifully. I hope he finds himself and can write books.

Have you ever heard of SRT? This stands for “social responsibility training,” and is a program being used in the junior high. Just imagine “social responsibility” (an unused word these days), and I saw it in action at Loaves and Fishes last week. The junior high counselor brought three young men in and they went to work. I was so impressed. Good job!

Cindy Gustafson


Dear Editor:

There are several reasons the present health care bill should be defeated.

1. Taxpayers would subsidize abortions.

2. Taxpayers would subsidize all union retiree and community organizer health plans. (ACORN).

3. All private healthcare plans must participate in the healthcare exchange.

4. Employers who do not offer insurance to Employees must pay 8 percent tax on payroll.

5. Any individual who doesn’t have acceptable healthcare will be taxed 25 percent of income.

6. Bill would reduce physicians’ services for Medicaid.

7. Government will set the value of doctors’ time.

8. Government mandates program that orders end of life treatment.

Is it too much to ask all our elected officials (especially Democrats) to at least read the health care bill before voting on it, or will it be slammed through Congress like the Stimulus bill was? Our freedom of choice is slowly being?taken from us.

John Meyer


Dear Editor:

Reference Pagosa SUN 10/15/09, “Lawsuit filed against county, TreeTops.”

Thank you, attorney William Darling, for the time, energy and expense to call on our county commissioners to be accountable.

Thank you,

Pam Morrow

Gerald Ethelbah

Veterans Day

Dear Editor:

Veterans Day means: honor, respect and the price we pay or have paid to keep our nation free. Those who serve have great respect for our country or they would never have volunteered to protect those who have been left behind.

So, if you can thank a veteran today and tomorrow, you’d be surprised at what a “thank you” will mean to them. I will never pass a vet holding poppies without giving a donation and proudly displaying those red flowers of courage. Somehow, “thank you” is never enough.

I, for one, take a lot of pride in all veteran holidays. Veterans Day is special to me because it brings all branches of the military together. I wish that everyone in this country would wake up and smell the coffee. Our veterans are a national treasure.

Unless a family has a family member in the military, they don’t even have a clue about the sacrifices our men and women make for the freedom of this great country. Many veterans today can still see the blood on their hands and can hear the screams in their heads each and every night. No one enjoys seeing his or her best friend being tossed through the air like an open can of tomato paste. For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

Yes, it’s a great day to recognize our warriors and our heroes. But, there are other heroes besides our soldiers. Those are the silent heroes; a mom or dad, a sister or brother, a grandma or grandson, a church family or a pastor, a community or a neighborhood all lifting the names of our brave heroes before God in prayer. Veterans Day should honor them also; they are the ones who intercede daily, until the loved one(s) return, dead or alive.

So, happy Veterans Day to each and every one! This veteran may fade, yet this veteran will not run.

Jim Sawicki