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ASI fails to get requisite number of candidates for election

The Archuleta Seniors, Inc. bylaws require that a complete slate of candidates for an election be presented to the board in September.

The board was unable to find enough volunteers, and an incomplete slate was received Oct. 4.

Because there is not a sufficient number of volunteers, the ASI board has discussed going inactive for 2010 to get more people involved, and to give those who are interested the opportunity to gain the knowledge of what is involved in and required by the job.

ASI will continue its memberships for discounts and will continue its medical support programs.

Anyone interested in becoming involved is encouraged to attend the Nov. 13 regular meeting of the board to be held immediately after the annual ASI membership meeting.

If you have comments you would like to make to ASI, contact any board member and ask to be placed on the agenda; or call 264-2167, Ext. 25.

Agenda items must be received by noon on Nov. 10.