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Mind UR Head’s Safe Ride Home Program

Mind UR Head is happy to announce that this year’s Halloween festivities will include their Safe Ride Home Program.

This program, started last year by the band, is MUH’s effort to keep impaired drivers off the road and yet allow people the opportunity to get out and party. Local companies have teamed up with the band to supply vehicles and designated drivers for the Halloween weekend parties.

“This is an all-volunteer group of drivers, they work for tips only, and provide a Safe Ride to anyone who may need one on those nights that it is running,” says John Maun, frontman for the band.

“They actually have sought me out to be drivers in our program. Some for reasons of their own, others to give back to the community that has helped them in one way or another. We are challenging the other clubs and parties this year to follow suit. Our friends are important to us, Halloween is supposed to be a fun time, and we want to make sure that no one is injured by a drunk driver or arrested for driving under the influence this Halloween (the social workers and government agencies that benefit from the fines don’t need the money, and if they wanted to solve the problem, they’d do what we are doing). It’s important to understand that we are just trying to ensure a safe weekend for all, and that we think the answer is to be proactive about the problem, rather than reactive and Judgmental. So, at anytime during the Halloween festivities, our drivers will be available to anyone who needs a ride, whether at our show or others in town during Halloween weekend. If you or someone you know needs a ride one of those nights, just call my cell phone, 946-5228, Friday or Saturday evening and we’ll get ‘em home safe, or they can drop us a note at prior to Friday evening and we’ll arrange the rides.”