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Existing marijuana dispensary not affected by moratorium

A medical marijuana dispensary currently operating legally in Archuleta County is safe under the recently-imposed 60-day county moratorium — for now.

The moratorium was put into effect during a Sept. 20 special meeting of the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners.

At that meeting, county attorney Todd Starr prompted the concern of Bill Delany, owner of home-based Good Earth Meds, by making it seem to Delany that his business would be affected by the moratorium.

At the Oct. 6 BoCC regular meeting, Starr made a comment to clarify the situation for Delany, stating that existing businesses would not be affected by the moratorium.

“To the extent that my remarks led people to the mistaken conclusion that it was the board’s intent with the moratorium to apply to all businesses, including existing businesses, that was incorrect,” Starr said.

Starr went on to clarify further, saying, “I do believe the BoCC intended the moratorium to not affect preexisting businesses.”

Starr also stated at the meeting that, as far as he knows, Delany’s business is not in violation of the moratorium and is not illegal.