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New group — Writing for Generations – to meet in Pagosa

I recently accomplished a major goal for a baby boomer — to get my will written. I can’t describe how weird it felt to be talking with my lawyer about my being dead, but I’m starting to believe that it is a real possibility sooner or, preferably, later.

I’m leaving my children and grandchildren many nice things, but there is something very important that I’m not leaving them, and since I still have time I want to take the opportunity to give them what may be the most precious gift of all — writing from me for future generations.

These writings will include many simple stories, information about relatives and our family history, my life experiences, historical things that happened in my lifetime and lessons I’ve learned and perspectives I’ve gained.

I truly believe that if we do not learn from life, we are doomed to repeat mistakes, day after day and maybe generation after generation. Who knows what is learned or inherited? Maybe I can leave for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren things that I’ve learned so their lives will be better, easier and certainly more fun and a having a wonderful feeling of being amazingly connected to someone who loved them even before they were born.

I am hoping that other people will want to join me at group meetings held once a month where we support and encourage each other to write for future generations. We will share some of our stories and systems of organization. I’m hoping that groups like this will spring up around the world. We will all share information on a blog as to when and where we meet and new ideas that we discover.

Does our writing need to be perfect, or even literary?

Does our grammar and spelling need to be correct?

Do we need to have brilliant plots and unbelievable adventures?

I think the answer to all these questions is “No.”

Do we expect perfection from anyone or do we just want to see love put into action and outcome? I don’t expect that my stories will be publishable or that millions will want to read them, but if I can say one thing that touches the heart or illumines the mind of one of my offspring, it will be worth all the time and energy I put into it.

Please join me at the first meeting of Writing for Generations, at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 4, at the Pagosa Springs Senior Center. There will be an additional meeting the same evening at 7 p.m. at a location to be announced.

We will meet the first Wednesday of each month from then on. Hope to see you there and so do your great-grandchildren!