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Organizers seek help with Haunted Barn Halloween project

Habitat for Humanity is hosting a Haunted Barn for Halloween this year and we need the help of local non-profit organizations.

The Haunted Barn and Pumpkin Patch (for the little ones) with a pumpkin carving contest, will be held at Bob and Janis Moomaw’s barn, 711 Echo Canyon Ranch Rd., from 6-9 p.m. Oct 22, 23, 24, 29 and 30.

Cost is $10 (over 18 years) $5 (10-17 years), under 10 going to just the Pumpkin Patch $1, under 3 free.

Proceeds will go to Gifted and Talented programs in Pagosa, Habitat for Humanity and Seeds of Learning. Gifted and Talented students, combined with the Destination Imagination members from grades 5-12, will engineer a section of the haunted house.

We are looking for other non-profits in the area to decorate at least one 14.5x8 stall of the barn and and man it with actors on the above dates.

Or, we need volunteer help at the entrance and as guides.  We can take and combine what you are willing to do with other volunteers to get the end result, so let us know if you are interested in working in any capacity.

We will hold a pumpkin carving contest, with $200 for first place, $100 for second and $50 for third — to be donated to the charity of their choice.

There is a floor plan for the barn and we will be happy to meet with you to answer any questions.

We found some great Web sites with reasonable cost Halloween decorating items; check out: or Google Halloween Decorations for other ideas.

Possible themes for your room: vampire den, haunted cemetery with grim reaper, zombies, a mummy catacomb, witches’ hangout, spiders’ den, torture chamber, Freddy Kruger, psycho ward.

We will not be handing out anything in the Haunted House area but we could have handouts at the Pumpkin Patch area, but this will be minimal.

This will be a fun event for the whole community; please let us know if you are interested.

Contact Cindi Galabota at 264-6960 or Sharon Crump at 731-9706.