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Cards of Thanks


A special and most heartfelt thanks goes out to Jim Stone at Buffalo Inn, Willie at Crazy Horse Outfitters, Moon and Robin at Great New Homes, and everyone that helped Dusty Worcester in his time of need. Times are tough for everyone, and you still came through! Thanks to all for your help.


On behalf of the family of Maria R. Campuzano, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, cards, phone calls, food, kind words and love expressed during the loss of our mother. It’s been very reassuring knowing that we live in such a caring community. Your actions have touched us all.

The Campuzano/Lucero family

Youth Center

Pagosa Springs Youth Center would like to thank Pete and Inis Reardon from Chimney Rock Farm for getting and roasting some awesome chiles for the Center’s fund-raiser this fall. A big thank you to Crista Munro and Dan Appenzeller for putting together a great Chile Cha Cha and supporting our roasted green chile fund-raiser.