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‘Jump for Jesus’ at King’s Kids program

“Jump for Jesus” will be theme for the annual King’s Kids program which begins Wednesday evening, Oct. 7. 

King’s Kids will meet 7 -8 p.m., on Wednesdays through Nov. 11.  The six-week program of Bible Study is sponsored by the Church of Christ located at 277 Lewis St. to help children learn more about God, His word, and to grow into better young people. Children 2 years old through the sixth grade are invited to attend. 

Following the last class there will a closing program.  At the program the children will show some of the things they have learned.  Awards will be presented for perfect attendance and memory work.   

This year’s Bible study will look at the Power of Jesus over nature, disease, sin, demons, and death.  The lessons will come from the book of Mark as the good news about Jesus being God’s Son is learned.  Activities will include singing, Bible study, games, prayer, refreshments, and a visit from the puppets.

The Joy Bus will run to provide transportation in the downtown area.  For more information or to enroll your children call the church building at 264-2552 or Dorman Diller at 264-4454.