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Thanks to John Crawford with ReSport, who took his lunch break to change a flat tire for me last Thursday.

Thanks, John.

Lucille Alley

Mind Ur Head

Thank you to all of the sponsors of Mind UR Head’s “Safe Ride Home” program, and to volunteer drivers Joe Behr and Dusty Worchester. Mind Ur Head’s CD release party for “Speak Ur Mind” was a great time had by all, and everyone had a safe ride home due to our drivers and sponsors. The sponsors for this event were P.R.E.C.O. Plumbing (Kathy, Doug), Bull Chic (Natalie, Phyllis), KWUF Radio (Will), Pagosa Candy Company (Robin, Jay), Design a Sign (Linda, Chris), Navajo Trail Rental (Owen), The Outfitter/Skateboard Hut (Karen, Bruce) and, of course, The Buffalo Inn’s Jim Stone, with a special thanks to Robin and Matty for all their hard work.

Thank you again.

Mind Ur Head

Wildlife park

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park would like to extend a thank you to The Summit/ Overlook for their donation of hot bath passes for our annual auction held on Aug. 22, and any other gracious people who supported us who may have been missed previously. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Dick and Vimmie Ray

Auction for the Animals

Thank you to all our wonderful Gold and Silver Medal Sponsors and our Friends of the Society who provided much needed financial support to help offset auction expenses: Alley House/Farrago, Iaccoca Family Foundation, Fort Lawrie Technical Services, Citizens Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Sam’s Club, Peter Van Hercke, and Absolute Comfort Spa and Pool.

Our thanks go out to Larry Ashcraft who traveled from Arboles to be our auctioneer; to JP Rappenecker for the sound system and great music; and to the Pagosa Springs High School Cheerleaders for all their help during the event.

We would also like to thank all those who donated funds and tangible items for the auction and a big thanks to all who attended. Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank our wonderful volunteers who helped before, during and after the auction to help make it a huge success.

We truly appreciate each and every effort, no matter how small, to make the Humane Society’s annual Auction for the Animals one of the best social events in Pagosa.

Siri Schuchardt and Robbie Schwartz