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In Memoriam - Abel Lister III

Abel Anastacio Lister III (Perea).

May 14, 1984 – Sept. 11, 2006.

Ma-Ma’s Honey …

It was on that awful day, God took you to heaven to stay.

I cried and cried when you sent away, three years ago today.

But now that I have come to learn, it was Him calling, it was your turn.

For God was missing the angel in you, best darling angel we ever knew.

We understand it had to be, God’s taken you away from me.

We really are missing you, we miss all the little things you do.

But we really do understand, you are in His precious hand.

Go prepare a place for us, someday we will join you that’s a must.

Into God’s hands we place the best, rest now honey, you’re truly blessed.

You brought us so much happiness, we think of you often with tenderness.

Until we meet again, on that you can depend.

We understand you were only on loan, now honey God’s taken you home.

In the somber light of the moon, God took you from us way too soon.