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Colorado State Parks will remain open on Sept. 8

Colorado State Parks, including the entry gates, campgrounds, boat marinas and inspection stations for aquatic nuisance species, will remain open on Sept. 8, which is a furlough day for all state employees.

However, the Colorado State Parks offices and individual park visitor centers will be closed. The 42 state parks will have essential staff, including rangers, on duty throughout the day to provide information, maintain public safety, protect the resources, assist visitors and collect fees.

To meet the state requirement for furloughs, the parks’ staff who work on Sept. 8 will take a different day off during that week as the required furlough day.

Throughout 2009, Colorado State Parks is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a leader in providing opportunities for outdoor recreation, protecting the state’s favorite landscapes, teaching generations about nature and partnering with communities.

Attracting more than 11 million visitors per year, Colorado’s 42 State Parks are a vital cornerstone of Colorado’s economy and quality of life. Colorado State Parks encompass 224,531 land and water acres, offering some of the best outdoor recreation destinations in the state. Colorado State Parks also manage more than 4,000 campsites, and 57 cabins and yurts.?

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