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Mind Ur Head, ‘Speak ur mind’

With their new CD “Speak ur mind,” Pagosa’s Mind UR Head has chosen to take a different approach to creating an albums.

Rather than putting together an album with songs that may be more filler than substance, they have chosen to go with the three-song EP (extended play) format.

“By using this style, we feel the songs get the attention they deserve in the studio, and we have more freedom to experiment,” says frontman JohnMaun. “It is a very economical way to produce our music as well. Essentially, ‘Speak ur mind’ is rock and roll at its simplest and, in our opinion, the best: two guitars, drums, bass, vocals and that’s it. No synths or click tracks, it’s just us.”

 Formed in the fall of 2004, Mind UR Head came about through the chance encounter of lead guitarist Eric Wade and frontman JohnMaun in a club in Pagosa Springs. Eric, an experienced veteran of the L.A. music scene, was hosting a semi-regular jam night, and was in need of someone to sing a song or two, and JohnMaun happened to be there that night. “That Singer Guy” and Eric hit it off and have been making music together since. 

 John “Johnny Mac” McKeithen, who joined the band as their permanent drummer and partner in crime in the spring of 2006, having been blown into Pagosa Springs by the winds of Katrina, is from the New Orleans area. Michael Coto, the newest member of the band, joined up this year. His bass skills and just-plain-fun-to-be-around personality make Mind UR Head complete.

 “Speak ur mind” also marks the debut of John and Eric’s writing partnership, with the duo taking joint writing credits for the songs “Can’t you?” and “Through.”  “Through” is about those feelings we all sometimes have, and “Can’t you?” is just plain fun in the tradition of Black Sabbath — double entendres and all. The second track, “It’s all too much,” written by JohnMaun, is a statement about the massive influx of information, a lot of it distressing, we receive daily in our lives.

 “We have never been ashamed of being a cover band, especially since we always play what we like” says JohnMaun, “but it is also nice to be able to show that we can write good ones as well. We hope that with ‘Speak ur mind’ people who may not know us and those who do, will see the fun we have playing to and with the audience, and that they get a sense of what Mind UR Head is all about”.

 Mind UR Head will hold a “Speak ur mind” CD release party at 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 11, at The Buffalo Inn, 164 N. Pagosa Blvd.

 Mind UR Head will once again team up with sponsors so that the “Safe Ride Home” program will be available to the attendees.

CDs will be available at Mind Ur Head shows, or you can go online to