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Blue Team wins Ryder Cup tournament

Twenty members of the Pagosa Springs Women’s Golf Association played their fourth annual Ryder Cup golf tournament, Aug. 4.

All participants played the 27-hole event, and were divided evenly into two teams — Red and Blue. Each team partnered into five twosomes to compete against the opposing team in the following formats: Meadows (par 36), best-ball net. Each player played her own ball throughout the nine holes, with the best low net score on each hole awarded one point for a win, one-half point for a tie, and zero points for a loss.

Ponderosa (par 35), Individual March Play. The first Blue player in the foursome played against the first Red player, and recorded the best net score for each player. The second Blue and Red players did the same. If both players of the same team won the hole, one point was awarded to their team; if they tied the hole they received one-half point; if they lost the hole they received zero points. Both teams played the Pinon course (par 36), in an alternate shot format. Each twosome from each team decided who was going to tee off on the first hole, and then played the entire nine holes alternating each shot until the ball was holed out. The team, Blue or Red, with the best net score won the hole. One point was awarded for a win, one-half point for a tie, and zero points for a loss.

Representing the Blue Team were Barbara Sanborn, Kay McKee, Cherry O’Donnell, Doe Stringer, Cindy Simpson, Donna Gregory, Sheila Rogers, Barbra Lewis, Carole Howard, and Jane Baker. Representing the Red Team were Audrey Johnson, Carried Weisz, Josie Hummel, Nancy Mackensen, Leslie Fluharty, Kathy Giordano, Bonnie Hoover, Claudia Johnson, Robyn Alspach and Sue Martin.

The Blue Team was victorious after many closely connected matches, and won the event, with a combined score of 68-52 1/2. Tournament organizers Cindy Simpson and Cherry O’Donnell said, “Everyone really enjoyed the close competition, team camaraderie, the formats and the beautiful weather and course conditions.”

The association’s 36-hole Club Championship is slated for Sept. 14 and 15. For more information, please contact event co-chairwomen Cherry O’Donnell and Cindy Simpson.