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School district receives CSAP results

Archuleta School District 50 Joint was presented with a mixed bag of Colorado State Assessment Program (CSAP) test results, with most of the news good and continuing excellent news for the Pagosa Springs Junior High School.

The results released last Friday showed Archuleta County students exceeding state averages in most areas. Reading scores for the district were higher than state averages across all grade levels, while writing scores, with the exception of fourth and 10th grades, were also better than state averages.

Unfortunately, math appears to be a weak point in the district, with only fourth-, fifth-, and ninth-graders beating out state averages and eighth-graders coming in at average, leaving third, sixth, seventh and tenth grades below state averages. Most disturbing, 10th-graders in Archuleta County performed almost 50 percent below state averages in math.

Of the three grades tested for science on the CSAP, fifth- and eighth-graders performed above state averages with 10th-graders again scoring below state averages.

For the second year running, CSAP results included data from the Colorado Growth Model Summary. The growth model provides a means for educators to determine how much growth a student has made from one year to the next; in addition, the model compares each student’s performance to students across the state with similar CSAP scores, and places the student in a growth percentile.

With most grades exhibiting growth across several CSAP categories, most notable was the junior high school. In fact, due to attaining 60-percent or higher growth in reading scores, the junior high school was identified as a High Performing School for the second consecutive year.

Reed will present an in-depth analysis of the CSAP results at the next district board meeting Tuesday, Aug. 18, at 5 p.m. in the district’s Maintenance and Transportation building’s meeting room.