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Sandy Caves resigns from school board

After serving six years on the Board of Education for the Archuleta County School District 50 Joint, board Vice-President Sandy Caves submitted her resignation to the board and District Superintendent Mark DeVoti Tuesday.

In the letter, Caves cited having recently relocated out of District 3 — the district she had served on the board — as the reason for the resignation..

In a letter provided to SUN staff, Caves stated that her resignation was due solely to the relocation and did not reflect a desire to leave the board. In the letter, Caves stated, “Sitting on a board such as this is not to be taken lightly. The decisions we as a board make alter the future of education for the children of Archuleta County as well as the staff. I have served with some wonderful people who always gave more than what was expected with a primary focus being the children in our community and looking to the future at an educational system that is ever changing.”

DeVoti expressed his own regrets with Caves’ resignation, stating his respect with her performance as a board member. “I really appreciated what she brought to the table,” he said. “She kept a strong focus on moving the district forward with her commitment to being a learner of initiatives such as 21st-century skills and 21st-century initiatives beyond the local focus.

“She always had a compassion for the kids.”

Caves’ resignation comes on the heels of the district’s announcement that it is soliciting nominations for candidates wishing to run for seats on the school board, representing District One and District Five. Petitions of intent to run for those seats must be submitted to the county clerk’s office no later than 4 p.m., Aug. 28, 2009. Elections for the district seats will be held Nov. 3, 2009.

According to the school district, nominees interested in running for the seats will need to submit their petition, signed by at least 50 eligible electors who are registered to vote in the regular biennial school election, along with a written notice of intent to be a candidate. In order to be eligible to file a petition, a candidate must have been a registered elector of the appropriate school district (either District One or District Five) for at least 12 consecutive months before the election and a resident of the district that will represented. Anyone convicted of committing a sexual offense against a child is ineligible to run for a district seat.

However, the seat vacated by Caves will not be open for election and, according to DeVoti, will be filled by board appointment.

“I contacted CASB (Colorado Association of School Boards) and was told the seat would be filled by appointment. They said it was state statute.”

As such, whoever is appointed to the seat will hold the position for two years — until 2012 — the remainder of Caves’ term.

In the statement provided to The SUN, Caves said, “My wish for the person selected to fill my term would be someone who has time to commit, truly cares about the children and staff and has the patience to learn and the understanding that our job does not include a personal agenda. We work together cohesively, to get the job done that the families of Archuleta County deserve and rely on.”

With three seats to fill, two through an election in November, the district could see some changes in the direction the board has taken the past several years. Individuals interested in running for the district seats should direct any questions to the school district administration office, 264-2228, or the Archuleta County Clerk and Recorder’s Office at 264-8350.