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Seventh annual Primos Elk Seminar

The seventh annual Primos Elk Seminar will be held at 6 p.m. Aug. 8 at Ski and Bow Rack, 354 East Pagosa St.

Brought back by popular demand is Primos Prostaffer Chris Roe.

It took some arm twisting at Primos Headquarters to get Roe back, but we did it! Not to hurt any of the other Primos Prostaffers’ feelings, but Roe is the most knowledgeable about elk calling and their habits.

A certified wildlife biologist by trade, Roe has become one of the leading experts in true elk behavior, communication, calling and hunting. As one of Colorado’s Prostaffers for Primos Hunting Calls and PSE Archery, Roe talks to thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen each year throughout Colorado and southeast Wyoming about how they can be more successful in their game-calling and overall hunting efforts. Whether talking about turkey, deer, predator, waterfowl, or elk, Roe loves to share his knowledge and experience with everyone who is interested. Roes’ teaching style is one that allows everyone — whether beginner or veteran hunter — to comfortably learn and improve upon their calling and hunting skills. Although experienced in calling a variety of game species, elk are truly his specialty.

During his seminars, Roe will share valuable information concerning elk behavior, vocalizations and communication, and how you can use this knowledge to be more effective in your calling sequences and/or hunting setups. Nowhere else will you get the level of in-depth, science-based information regarding elk behavior and communication. Participants are sure to learn new information that will allow them to be more successful when heading into the mountains this fall — especially for those that hunt Over-the-Counter units on Colorado’s public lands.

At the seminar, sign up to win a Bowtec 101st Airborne 29-inch, 70-pound RH bow. You must be present to win.

For more information, call Ski and Bow Rack at 264-2370.