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Arizona sheriff to speak at Aug. 26 meeting

Richard Mack, two- term sheriff of Graham County, Ariz., is coming to Pagosa Springs to effect change.

He formed an orginization called USA1911 to reinstate the United States Constitution county by county by changing the following:

• Change in who we elect as sheriff.

• Change in what the citizens expect from their sheriff.

• Change in how our current sheriffs and their departments execute their responsibilities.

USA 1911 actively looks for sheriffs who will take their oath in all conscience to uphold the Constitution. Questionnaires are filled out and graded. Interviews are conducted by citizens and members of the organization. Candidates are asked to understand, commit to, and sign the “Affirmation of Oath” contract with the citizens of his county. And, if elected, he will work with the sheriff to network with other sheriffs to ensure that their state’s freedom is effectively protected.

USA 1911 works with citizens of the general public and specifically with people whose Constitutional rights have been violated by the federal government. He will educate citizens as to what they may rightly expect from their county sheriff and how to determine if their sheriff is fulfilling his/her oath to the Constitution. If the sheriff is not, he will help the citizens develop an action plan to either cultivate a relationship with their sheriff or remove him/her from office.

Most sheriffs across the country either do not know or do not know how to apply their power to defend the freedoms of their county. USA 1911 is enthusiastically devoted to helping every sheriff’s department become undeniably the last line of protection for their citizens. He offers classes, books, answers and networking for any sheriff who wants to complete his oath to the Constitution and the people who elected him.

Mack will speak at the high school auditorium Wednesday, Aug. 26, at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call 903-3373.